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Interpol operation in 15 Latin American countries, more than 14,000 arrested

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More than 14,000 people have been arrested in one of the world’s largest Interpol operations conducted in 15 Latin American countries under the codename Trigger IX. In addition, the services confiscated over eight thousand firearms and 300 thousand rounds of ammunition.

14,260 people arrested, 8,263 illegally held firearms and over 300,000 rounds of ammunition confiscated – this is the result of one of the world’s largest Interpol operations conducted in 15 Latin American countries under the codename Trigger IX from March 12 to April 2.

According to an international police organization released on Tuesday, it managed to break up twenty organized crime groups in three weeks of coordinated actions. Among them, considered one of the most dangerous in the region, the Brazilian Primer Comando da Capital and two others – Mara Salvatrucha and the Balkan Cartel.

Interpol conducted one of the largest operations in the worldTwitter/INTERPOL_HQ

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All of them were involved in illegal international trade in firearms and drug smuggling on a large scale. During the operation in only one country – Uruguay, visited by large numbers of foreign tourists – about 100,000 rounds of ammunition smuggled from Europe were confiscated.

Authorities in operation Brazil and Paraguay closed several firearms and ammunition stores after discovering that they were illegally shipped from Europe and being sold without licences.

An unprecedented level of cooperation between 15 countries

According to the Interpol communiqué, “fifteen new ways of operating by criminal organizations in the production, trafficking, smuggling and disguising of the transfer of firearms have been detected”.

The communiqué also mentions “the discovery of close links between the firearms trade and the drug market”. 203 tons of cocaine and other drugs with a market value of $5.7 million and 372 tons of raw materials for the production of other drug substances were seized.

Interpol operationTwitter/INTERPOL_HQ

“During the operation, an unprecedented level of cooperation between fifteen countries was achieved, and a large number of corruption, fraud, human trafficking, environmental crime and terrorist activities were uncovered,” Interpol said.

Main photo source: Twitter/INTERPOL_HQ

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