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Introduction of the Paid Parking Zone in Ochota. When? Impediments

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Preparations are underway to launch the Paid Parking Zone in the entire Ochota area. It is to enter into force in mid-November. – This is related to the change in traffic organization on all streets in the district – inform road workers.

As reminded in the announcement by the Municipal Roads Authority, currently the zone in Ochota covers 25 km of roads.

“After the extension, it will be 145 streets by more than 80 km in length. New traffic management must be introduced on all streets included in the zone, and on parts already in it. This required the preparation of temporary projects (for the construction period) for each street and constant traffic organization “- explain road workers.

Work schedule

As they add, after approval, these projects are successively implemented. The municipal Road Repair and Conservation Department is responsible for this on behalf of ZDM.

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“The work schedule is usually known one week in advance, because with such a reserve ZRiKD must notify the intention to enter the area on a specific date. Signs informing about the temporary organization of traffic, often including a parking ban for several days, are issued with at least 5 days in advance “- reminds ZDM.

Road engineers also explain that the works must be phased, because they involve the temporary exclusion of parking spaces from use.

“In order to minimize the inconvenience, work is not carried out on too large an area at once. The weather must also be taken into account. The technology of marking the surface requires that the substrate be dry, the air temperature should be at least 5 degrees, and it did not rain during the painting. The Paid Parking Zone does not enter into force until November, and the work had to start in September. In the areas prepared for inclusion in the zone, signs informing about the obligation to pay for parking will of course be covered or crossed out by mid-November “- they announce.

Road workers gave the dates of the next works, but they make a reservation that due to the weather, the dates may change.

– Akademicka (Narutowicza Square – Filtrowa) – September 26-28 – Jerozolimskie Avenue (Bitwy Warszawskiej 1920 r. – “Grzymały” Sokołowskiego) – 29-30.09 – Białobrzeska – Orzeszkowej – 24-25.09 – Szczęśliwicka – Białobrzeska – 24-25.09 – Filtrowa ( Narutowicza Square – Raszyńska) – 27-29.09

Grójecka: – Wawelska – Winnicka – 29-30.09 – The Battle of Warsaw 1920 – Dickens – 27-28.09 – “Grzymały” Sokołowskiego – Aleje Jerozolimskie – 30.09-03.10 – Mochnackiego (Grójecka – University) – 29-30.09 – Greater Poland Insurgents (all street) – 01-02.10 – Next to the Park (whole street) – 23-24.09

Szczęśliwicka: – Opaczewska – Bitwy Warszawskiej 1920 r. – 27-29.09 – Bitwy Warszawskiej 1920 r. – Rokosowska – 28-29.09 – Rokosowska – Kopińska – 29.09-01.10 – Kopińska – “Grzymały” Sokołowski – 01.10-02.10

Main photo source: ZDM

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