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Investigation of OLT Express aviation companies. One of the threads is the transfer for Michał Tusk

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Proceedings concerning actions to the detriment of creditors of OLT Express aviation companies have been conducted since 2016 by the Regional Prosecutor’s Office in Łódź – its spokesman said. In one of the threads there is the issue of the payment of remuneration to Michał Tusk after the declaration of bankruptcy of the company.

Rzeczpospolita informed about the case on Tuesday. The newspaper wrote that although the District Prosecutor’s Office in Łódź three years ago canceled the thread of Michał Tusk, who, under the contract with OLT Express, was to provide marketing data from the airport in Gdańsk, the Regional Prosecutor’s Office in Łódź “is still conducting proceedings regarding the liability of the carrier’s management board, including how it happened to pay Michał Tusk remuneration after the collapse of OLT “. Rzeczpospolita points out that after the declaration of bankruptcy OLT transferred overdue payments to the son of the former prime minister, which the company was not allowed to do. “This is important, because OLT P. transferred PLN 350 million of customer money from Amber Gold to the airlines” – emphasized.


Investigation into acting to the detriment of the creditors of OLT Express companies

The spokesman of the Regional Prosecutor’s Office in Łódź, Krzysztof Bukowiecki, informed that the investigation into actions to the detriment of the creditors of the aviation companies OLT Express Poland and OLT Express Regional has been ongoing since 2016.

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– The proceedings concern actions to the detriment of creditors of airlines financed by Amber Gold. It concerns, among others, withdrawals and transfers not only for Michał Tusk, which were made with OLT Express despite the awareness of looming bankruptcy and filing for bankruptcy. This is a case that we have been conducting since 2016 and it was previously discontinued by the District Prosecutor’s Office in Łódź – he explained.

He added that there are two investigations pending in this investigation. The first concerns possible cooperation with the bosses of Amber Gold – the marriage of Marcin and Katarzyna P., and the second one to follow the further fate of the money that was transferred from Amber Gold to airlines.

– In this thread, we research the activities of these aviation companies. Charges in this case have already been presented to four people, including the president of the management board of OLT Express Regional, a member of the company’s management board and the chief accountant. They concern actions to the detriment of creditors in connection with making transfers despite the company’s threat of bankruptcy. Another allegation concerns fraud to the detriment of one of the entities cooperating with OLT Express Poland. A contract has been signed with the company despite the knowledge that it will not be paid – said the prosecutor Bukowiecki.

Michał TuskMarcin Obara / PAP

Prosecutor’s office spokesman: the transfer sent to Michał Tusk should not take place

As he said, the prosecutor determined that the transfer with remuneration sent to Michał Tusk should not take place due to the risk of the company’s bankruptcy. He also stressed that the former prime minister’s son was not under investigation. “The payment for Michał Tusk is not the subject of our inquiries. However, there is no doubt that this transfer was made, and in our opinion it should not be in the company’s financial situation. The company’s assets should be secured then,” the spokesman explained.

Charges against the president, board members and accountant

Allegations of causing damage to many creditors of OLT Epxress by transferring PLN 92,000 to OLT Express Poland in July 2012 to President Jacek Ł. And Member of the Management Board of that company, Andrzej D. Both of these airlines were subsidiaries of Amber Gold. The commission of this act took place on July 27, 2012, i.e. a day after the filing of the bankruptcy petition. Charges in the same case were also presented to the chief accountant of OLT Express Regional, Danucie M. In turn, the allegation of fraud was heard by Rafał O.

Main photo source: Marcin Obara / PAP

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