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Investigative commission, special audits, prosecutor’s office. The opposition is drawing up a plan to settle PiS abuses

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The new Sejm may create an investigative commission to investigate the Pegasus scandal. The latest version concerns the surveillance of opposition politicians right after the elections, which Paweł Wojtunik asked publicly about. However, this is just one of the topics that needs to be explored. Others require an audit, still others require applications to the prosecutor’s office.

The future government coalition agrees on this one issue – bringing PiS rule to justice is its plan for the coming months. There are no specific decisions yet, but there is a very specific plan. – We will think about it. If the prosecutor’s office works well, these changes will take place quickly, says Marcin Kierwiński, an MP from the Civic Coalition, adding that it will involve “setting aside theft, nepotism and all the bad things that PiS has done.”

According to our information, there are several ideas on the table. In each institution and ministry, after the change of power, the new heads are to carry out audits, which – if they demonstrate violations of the law – will result in applications to the prosecutor’s office. An investigative commission is to be established in the Sejm, and there are two possibilities: either one large one investigating all scandals and abuses of power regarding the use of public money by PiS, or, initially, one commission dealing exclusively with the use of secret services by PiS.

– The state we want to show to its citizens is cold and consistent towards those who committed abuses. Otherwise, if this team is not held to account, this hydra will come back – says Szymon Hołownia, leader of Poland 2050 and one of the chairmen of the Third Way.

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Robert Kropiwnicki, an MP from the Civic Coalition, points out that the settlement of “purely criminal” cases should be handled by the prosecutor’s office, and the investigative committee should deal with, among other things, the purchase and use of Pegasus. Third Way senator Kazimierz Michał Ujazdowski adds that investigative committees are appointed “in special cases in which public opinion should be precisely informed.”

Kropiwnicki: CBA is a personal service of Mariusz KamińskiTVN24

Charge: surveillance of the opposition

The investigative committee would also deal with the latest reports by Paweł Wojtunik about the services’ activities against the opposition. According to information from the former head of the CBA, the services were supposed to eavesdrop on opposition politicians – mainly Third Way – right after the elections. – This is information that should be clarified as soon as possible for the security of Polish democracy – emphasizes Wojtunik.

Minister of Interior and Administration Mariusz Kamiński claims this is a lie. The CBA accuses Wojtunik of defamation, and the prosecutor’s office initiates an investigation into the matter.

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One hundred specifics of the Civic Coalition included the names of politicians whom Donald Tusk wants to prosecute before the State Tribunal. This is not a task for a month or two, but for years – say the politicians of the future coalition. – Anyone who is in office and publicly, consciously, deliberately, with such political buffoonery and ruthlessness, violates the constitution, should know that sooner or later he will be seriously punished – emphasizes Paweł Kowal from the Civic Coalition.

The name of Zbigniew Ziobro appears in the context of the State Tribunal in connection with the case of using funds from the Justice Fund for party purposes.

Main photo source: Paweł Supernak/PAP

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