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Investigative committee on envelope elections. Jarosław Sachajko refers to Kukiz’s testimony

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Member of Parliament from the Kukiz’15 group, Jarosław Sachajko, testified before the parliamentary investigative committee on envelope elections. He recalled the background of his conversation from a few years ago with the president of the management board of Cedrob, who suggested to him that if he supported the organization of the elections, he could get a position in the Ministry of Agriculture. At the same time, he admitted that such a proposal had not been made by PiS.

Jarosław Sachajko was asked by the chairman of the committee, Dariusz Joński (KO), about the post on Facebook Paweł Kukiz of May 5, 2020.

He described a situation in which – according to Kukiz – he was approached by Sachajka with a suggestion that he could get a position in the Ministry of Agriculture if he supported the plans being prepared at that time. elections envelopes.

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“Jarosław Sachajka, MP Kukiz’15 from the Chełm district, former chairman of the parliamentary committee on agriculture, is called by the president of one of the largest chicken producers in Poland – Cedrob.” Drobiarz encourages Sachajka to support the PiS law on postal elections and suggests a position in the Ministry of Agriculture. Drobiarz also invites you to a meeting with the Prime Minister. After consulting with me, Jarosław Sachajko met with Mateusz Morawiecki goes. Lots of round words typical of the Prime Minister. The good of Poland, the good of the party, the good of Duda,” we read in Kukiz’s archived entry.

“Sachajko asks why the Prime Minister is not talking to me directly. VATeusz says that Kukiz insulted his father, but he graciously forgives Kukiz! (yes, I really offended Kornel terribly by including him on the Kukiz’15 lists to the Sejm and reporting him to Marshal Senior, although PiS has always ridiculed and avoided Kornel (which the Prime Minister knows perfectly well and has accepted this fact). To sum up – Prime Minister Tysiąclecia and Drobiarz fail to convince MP Sachajki to betray his own beliefs and voters, and vote for the extension at all costs rule of bribers and blackmailers,” wrote Kukiz.

Facebook/Paweł Kukiz

Sachajko: there was no way to convince me

Joński asked for a reference to this entry. Sachajko said that such a meeting took place. – There was no way to convince me – he added.

When asked by the vice-chairman of the committee, Bartosz Romowicz (Polska2050), whether the president of Cedrob offered him a position in the Ministry of Agriculture for supporting the act on postal elections, he replied: – Andrzej Goździkowski, who is currently the president of the management board of Cedrob, called me, which surprised me very much and he said that this bill must be supported. – The president of the management board (Cedrob-ed.) suggested a meeting with the Prime Minister, saying that I could possibly work in the Ministry of Agriculture – said the MP.

Romowicz asked whether Sachajko had consulted Paweł Kukiz on what to do about it. – I talked to Paweł Kukiz, talking about my surprise at the offer to meet the Prime Minister – he replied. When asked about the meeting with Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki, he said: – From what I think it was on Parkowa Street. The meeting was attended by me, the Prime Minister and President Goździkowski.

When asked whether the Prime Minister had proposed taking up any position in the Ministry of Agriculture, he replied: – No, it was not.

However, when asked whether there was a request to support the elections, he replied: – Yes, absolutely.

According to him, Prime Minister Morawiecki said that “according to the constitution, it is not possible to postpone the elections and that the presidential elections are very important for the continuity of the state.” He recalled that the meeting lasted about 15 minutes.

Sachajko: I do not agree to buying MPs like cows at the market

Sachajko said that he decided to meet with the Prime Minister because he saw an opportunity to convince the Prime Minister to support the amendment to the Feed Act, of which Sachajko was the author. When asked whether Goździkowski said anything at the meeting with the Prime Minister, Sachajko said that “President Goździkowski spoke out. Unfortunately, he countered my statement about the national protein index and the need to introduce this act.”

When asked about the fragment of Kukiz’s entry, according to which Sachajko asked why the prime minister was not talking directly to Kukiz, Sachajko replied: – During his rather short persuasion to support this bill, I said that you should talk to the leader and not choose individual MPs. There was also a question about whether, in his opinion, the offer of a position in the ministry was Goździkowski’s idea. He replied: – Prime Minister Morawiecki remembers my previous declarations that I do not agree to buying MPs like cows at the market. He wouldn’t risk trying to bribe me.

Main photo source: PAP/Rafał Guz

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