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Investigative committee on envelope elections. Testimony of Jarosław Gowin

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Before 10 a.m., the investigative commission to investigate the 2020 envelope elections met. In the afternoon, the first witness is to be questioned – Deputy Prime Minister in the PiS government, Jarosław Gowin. – I hope that Mr. Gowin will simply tell the truth and I count on that – said the head of the committee, Dariusz Joński, before the meeting.

The meeting of the investigative commission started late, at 9.45. At 2 p.m. the first witness – a former deputy prime minister – will appear before the committee Jarosław Gowin.

Before the meeting began, the head of the committee, Civic Coalition MP Dariusz Joński, assured in an interview with TVN24 that there was a determination to clarify this matter until the end.

– Jarosław Gowin will be interrogated today and he is a former deputy prime minister in the government PISbut every witness is important because we want this report to be complete and we want to actually clarify (the case-ed.) so that no one else in Poland comes up with the idea of elections it was organized by some other organization, no National Electoral Commissionnot the National Electoral Office – he said.

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He recalled that it was done by Poczta Polska. – 70 million were spent on this, and the elections did not take place, so there is something to explain – he added.

– I hope that Mr. Gowin will simply tell the truth and that’s what I count on – said Joński.

Ionian: There will be auditions almost every week

When asked how much time the committee gave itself to work, he replied that it was several months. – It also depends on how many witnesses there will be in the end and what the witnesses will bring, because perhaps they will shed light on a new case, on new names that will have to be questioned, so we do not have an end date, but our pace is such that they will be interviewed almost every week. hearings – said the MP.

– This actually shows that we also want it to be quick, because people expect it to be resolved quickly and to close the issue – he added.

The task of the investigative committee on envelope elections is to be primarily to “examine and assess the legality, regularity and purposefulness of the actions taken to prepare and conduct the elections of the President of the Republic of Poland in 2020 in the form of postal voting by government administration bodies, in particular the actions taken by members of the Council of Ministers, including the Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki and the Vice-President of the Council of Ministers, Minister of State Assets Jacek Sasin, and public officials subordinated to them.

The resolution indicated, among other things, the need for an investigation legislative processes taken by those in power in connection with the so-called envelope elections, the administrative decisions they make and issue, as well as determining whether the actions of those in power have led to “unfavorable disposal of public or other funds, or unfavorable management of the property of the State Treasury or the property of other legal persons.”

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