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IPCC report. Expert comments on TVN24 BIS. “We have opportunities that are on the table. We need politicians who will actually sit at the table”

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On Monday, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) published the next edition of the report on the assessment of the state of global warming on Earth. According to scientists, if we do not take immediate action, international climate goals will spiral out of control. Experts in the TVN24 BIS studio talked about how the consequences of climate change will affect our lives and how to prevent them.

– This is another report in which scientists once again tell us the same thing: we are again getting closer to a full-scale climate catastrophe, which we will feel and are already feeling in many places around the world, and we will also feel it here in Poland. We have nothing more to lose to do except to do everything to give up what causes this climate catastrophe – said Wiktoria Jędroszkowiak, a climate activist from the East Initiative, in the “Day in the World” program on TVN24 BIS .

IPCC report. What do the experts say?

– What is very important to me is that this summary of the IPCC makes it clear that stopping global warming at the level of one and a half degrees is still physically possible. We have the technology that makes it possible, we have the capabilities that are really on the table. We need politicians who will actually sit down at this table and choose these options. (…) The IPCC explicitly states that what is the actual barrier are institutional barriers, added the activist.

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Wiktoria Jędroszkowiak on the new IPCC reportTVN24 BiS

– In fact, this report confirms what we have known for a long time – that man is responsible for all actions related to climate change. It only shows to what extent we are responsible for this, how great will be the consequences of our inaction and hiding behind various factors – said Marcin Kowalczyk from the Climate Team at WWF Polska.

Marcin Kowalczyk from WWF about the new IPCC report

Marcin Kowalczyk from WWF about the new IPCC reportTVN24 BiS

Why is the fight against global warming so important?

What about the Paris Agreement and limiting global warming to one and a half degrees? – We know that these resolutions from 2015 are insufficient – said Jędroszkowiak. – We, as a society, should put the greatest pressure on those in power to make these climate policies more and more ambitious, so that no Polish zloty, no euro, no dollar will end up in the hands of the gas or coal lobby. (…) Further and very committed change of these climate policies is a “must have” at this moment – said the activist.

As an expert from WWF explained, a warming of one or one and a half degrees is the global average in the perspective of the whole year. – The actual deviations that occur in individual periods may be much higher. Moreover, some areas … are warming much faster than others. In the case of the Arctic, this is several times faster than in the rest of the world, leading to the melting of glaciers, which in turn further fuels climate warming by the fact that the ice in Antarctica or in the Arctic somehow reflects some of the sunlight back into cosmos. Its absence means that more energy stays on the ground, and therefore more energy goes into the system and causes an additional level of warming – said Kowalczyk.

It’s getting hotter in the worldAdam Ziemienowicz/PAP/Reuters

"We know that these 2015 resolutions are not enough"

“We know these 2015 resolutions are not enough”TVN24 BiS

Climate change. Consequences for hundreds of millions of people

The expert added that in many regions of the world people live on the border of the so-called “wet bulb” temperature. – This is the temperature at which human survival is still possible due to all the mechanisms of life that allow the sweat that is secreted to cool the body sufficiently to survive – he explained. – Exceeding the temperature, sometimes by just one degree, actually means that certain places in the world will become uninhabitable for humans. This means that the people who live there, and we are talking about millions, if not hundreds of millions, will have to move somewhere else, find another place to live. This is another problem that we will have to face if we do not act accordingly.

In the case of one and a half degrees, and in terms of what may happen, what is stated in the report, “we may face a future in which the temperature will rise by 2.7 or even 3.2 degrees Celsius, so the consequences will be much greater and will cover larger areas of the globe” – added Kowalczyk.

Climate change increases the risk of mass migrations around the worldAdam Ziemienowicz/PAP

Listen to the full interview with the experts:

Experts in the TVN24 BIS studio comment on the latest IPCC report

Experts in the TVN24 BIS studio comment on the latest IPCC reportTVN24 BIS

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