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iPhone 15 – premiere. Apple may be introducing the first major change to iPhones in more than a decade

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In a few days, Apple is to present the latest iPhone model, its 15th version, and, as industry experts expect, it will feature a significant change. The company is to abandon its separate charging port in favor of the USB-C standard already used in smartphones of other brands, which has also been introduced in iPads and MacBooks.

According to CNN, the technology world is abuzz with reports that Apple is to abandon its Lightning charging port in favor of the USB-C charging standard. This would be the biggest change to the company’s flagship device in 11 years. Adopting a universal system for its smartphones is expected to be a milestone for the company.

The first such major change in years, but not a revolution

The change comes less than a year after the European Union voted to adopt legislation requiring makers of smartphones, tablets, digital cameras, portable speakers and other small devices to support USB-C charging by 2024.

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This is the first law of its kind aimed at reducing the production of cables and chargers. Consumers will be able to use one charger for all their devices, regardless of who made them.

“This is probably the biggest change in iPhone design in several years, but it’s not really a revolutionary move,” Ben Wood, an analyst at CCS Insight, told CNN when asked about reports of the adoption of a new charging standard. This is not a “revolutionary move” because Apple has already introduced USB-C in its iPads and Macbooks. Apple’s resistance only applied to iPhones.

Apple has announced that it will adapt to EU law

CNN recalls that last year, Apple’s senior vice president of global marketing, Greg Joswiak, publicly emphasized the value and ubiquity of the Lightning charger for faster charging of devices, but noted that “of course the company will have to comply” with EU regulations.

“We have no choice but to follow local laws as we do around the world. However, we believe that such an approach would be better from the point of view of environmental protection and better for our clients if it were not imposed by governments – said Joswiak during the conference.

The EU’s decision is part of a broader effort to reduce e-waste, but CNN points out that in the short term it could create more e-waste as people dispose of their Lighting chargers. It is possible that Apple will have to introduce a recycling program for its devices, which means additional costs for them and may be one of the reasons for the current stubbornness in introducing a common standard earlier.

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