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Iran, atomic bomb, uranium enrichment. Antony Blinken: Iran must not be allowed to acquire nuclear weapons

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We must ensure that Iran does not acquire nuclear weapons, US Secretary of State Antony Blinken said on Monday. He assured that this would not happen during the presidency of Joe Biden. He emphasized that America is in favor of diplomacy, but if Tehran rejects this path, “all options will be on the table.”

Iran is arming Russian forces with drones, used to kill Ukrainian civilians and destroy critical infrastructure facilities. Instead Russia supplies advanced weapons to Iran. This pattern of hostile action underscores the importance of a clear imperative: Iran must not be allowed to acquire nuclear weapons. And it will not happen on the guard of President (Joe – ed.) Biden – the US Secretary of State assured on Monday Anthony Blinken in a speech to AIPAC (American Israel Public Affairs Committee), the largest pro-Israel interest group in the US.

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The chief of US diplomacy emphasized that the US still believes that diplomacy is the best path to this. However, he warned that if Tehran rejects this path, “all options will be on the table to ensure that Iran does not acquire nuclear weapons.” He stressed that the US approach to Iran is based on three pillars: diplomacy, economic pressure and deterrence, including investing in Israel’s defense.

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The US supports the normalization of Israel-Palestine relations

Blinken also said that the US will support the process of normalizing relations between Israel and Saudi Arabia, although he acknowledged that it could take a long time. At the same time, he noted that the normalization of relations with the Arab states cannot be a substitute for work to resolve the conflict with the Palestinians. He emphasized the importance of a solution based on two states – Israel and Palestine. At the same time, he criticized the development of Jewish settlements in Palestinian territories and called on the Israeli authorities to calm down the conflict.

“The two-state solution is essential to preserve Israel’s identity as a Jewish and democratic state,” the US Secretary of State said.

Iran’s nuclear programPAP/Reuters/Adam Ziemienowicz

Iran is enriching uranium. IAEA report

International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) announced on May 31 in a quarterly report quoted by Reuters that Iran continues to increase its stockpile of enriched uranium above the limit set in the 2015 international nuclear deal. These reserves increased by 983.7 kg during the quarter.

Iran’s stockpile of enriched uranium currently stands at 4,744.5 kg, of which 114.1 kg is 60 percent enriched uranium. According to the IAEA definition, about 42 kg of such uranium, after additional enrichment, is enough to produce an atomic bomb, according to Reuters.

The IAEA also said surveillance cameras have been reinstalled at Iranian nuclear facilities. Last year, the Iranian authorities dismantled the previous system for monitoring work at nuclear plants. However, the agency stressed that it was waiting for Tehran’s promises to be fulfilled, which in March said it would allow it to carry out further verification activities, which would mean installing surveillance on a larger scale.

The IAEA report also says it has cleared up the 83.7 percent enriched uranium particles found at three undeclared sites in Iran, including a facility in the city of Mariwan, southeast of Tehran. Details about the origin of these particles were not given, but the IAEA said that the explanations of the Iranian side were sufficient and “at this stage there are no further questions on this issue.”

The Associated Press recalled that experts link the Mariwan plant to Iran’s secret military nuclear program. To make an atomic bomb, uranium is 90 percent enriched. According to the 2015 nuclear deal, Iran should not enrich uranium above 3.67 percent.


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