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Iran attacks Israel. Marija Zakharova outraged by Israel's statement. Points to Ukraine

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Ambassador Israela w Russia Simona Halperin in an interview with the RIA Nowosti agency expressed dissatisfaction with the announcements published by the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs regarding the attack Iran on Israel.

The diplomat said she hoped for a clear reaction from Moscow Tehran's attempt to destabilize the region.

– We expect that our Russian colleagues will condemn the unprecedented Iranian attack on Israeli territoryand we also hope that Russia will oppose Iran's attempts to destabilize the region, said the ambassador.

In its statement, which appeared on the ministry's official website, the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs called on all parties to the conflict to exercise restraint and stop the escalation.

We express our utmost concern about another dangerous escalation in the region. We have repeatedly warned that the unresolved nature of the numerous crises in the Middle East, especially in the Palestinian-Israeli conflict zone, which are often fueled by irresponsible provocative actions, will lead to an increase in tension,” we read.

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Iran attack on Israel. Marija Zakharova outraged at the Israeli ambassador to Russia

Halperin reacted to the position expressed by Simona Spokesperson of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs Marija Zakharova. On her social media channel, the diplomat accused Israel of remaining silent in the case of alleged Ukrainian attacks on civilian targets in Russia.

“Simona Halperin, remind me when Israel condemned at least one attack by the Kiev regime on Russian regions? Don't you remember? And me. However, I remember regular statements by Israeli officials supporting Zelensky's actions“- she wrote.

“The same (…) that result in civilian deaths and infrastructure destruction year after year,” she added.

Tension in the Middle East. State Duma deputy about a “beautiful theater performance”

He also referred to the Iranian attack on targets in Israel Member of the Russian State Duma Dmitry Belik. According to the politician, the night shelling was a “beautiful theatrical spectacle” that was to be presented in the media around the world.

– There will be no war. All this rather resembles a beautiful theater production, a spectacleonly in the information space – he said.

– All we see now is this planned revenge scenario – he emphasized, adding that the information provided by Israeli services about damage to civilian infrastructure is not confirmed by photos or video materials.

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