Iran. Bloggers jailed for dancing in Tehran square


A Tehran court on Sunday sentenced two young bloggers to more than 10 years in prison. They posted a video online showing them dancing in one of the capital’s main squares, Iran Wire reported. The court found Amir Ahmaji and Astiaj Hajiji guilty of “encouraging demoralization”.

According to the sentence, Amir Ahmaji and Astiaj Hajiji are to spend 10.5 years in prison. In addition, the court imposed a ban on them from leaving the country for two years after serving their sentence. The 15th Division of Tehran’s Revolutionary Court ruled that the convicts were guilty of “inciting demoralization, participating in an assembly and colluding with the intention of disrupting national security and spreading propaganda.”

The young bloggers were arrested in early November. They were denied bail, denied access to lawyers, and pressured their families not to make their detention public. Iran Wire.

So far, 520 protesters in defense of women’s rights in Iran have been killed and 18,000 detained. About 20 demonstrators have been sentenced to death, four executions have already been carried out.

Azadi Square in Tehran. This is where the bloggers made the recordingShutterstock

Death penalty for “enmity against God”

Last week Amnesty International alerted the public about the fate of three of the convicts. The organization said they were tortured for weeks: they were whipped, given electric shocks, hung upside down, and one of them was raped. They were sentenced to death for “enmity to God”, “demoralization”, apostasy and “encouraging” acts of vandalism and arson.

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