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Iran. Intervention of the morality police in the metro in Tehran. Teenager Armita Geravand has died

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Armita Geravand, who was beaten by Iranian police officers in the Tehran metro in early October, has died, Iranian media reported. The 16-year-old had her hair uncovered, which started an argument with the police. As a result of hitting her head against a post, the girl was brain dead.

The death of Armita Geravand was reported, among others, by the official Iranian agency IRNA. “Unfortunately, after suffering brain damage, she fell into a coma for some time. She died a few minutes ago,” IRNA reported, quoted by Reuters.

What happened in the Tehran metro?

According to the official version spread by the Iranian media, the teenager allegedly fainted after boarding the metro train in Tehran. However, the opposition website Iran International reported that There was an argument with the moral police on the train. Her officer pushed the girl in such a way that she hit her head on a post and lost consciousness.

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As a result of this event, the sixteen-year-old became brain dead.

The reason for the dispute was the lack of a hijab covering the hair. According to strict rules introduced by Iran’s ayatollahs, women cannot appear in public places with exposed hair.

Armita Geravand died at the age of 16 SalamPix/ABACA / Abaca Press / Forum

Photo from the intensive care unit

A few days ago, a human rights organization published a photo from an intensive care unit showing a teenager in a coma and announced that the phones of all her family members had been confiscated. According to the portal, in the meantime, security forces surrounded the hospital to prevent people from gathering in front of the building.

Mother’s arrest

“The authorities are handling the situation in exactly the same way as in the case of Mahsa Amini (the young woman who she died last year after being arrested for not covering her hair tightly enough. Her death was the beginning of a wave of bloodily suppressed protests,” Iran International commented.

A journalist who wanted to describe the accident was detained, and the official media published a recording with the forced statement of Armita’s parents. Iranian authorities have repeatedly published forced interviews with the families of people killed during the crackdown on protests.

On October 5, the Iranian-Kurdish human rights group Hengaw announced that Armita’s mother had been arrested.

Main photo source: SalamPix/ABACA / Abaca Press / Forum

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