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Iran – Israel. Iron Dome Provides Critical Aid to Israel

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Iran fired at night on Israel over 300 drones and missiles, 99% of which of them were shot down. Israeli army spokesman Daniel Hagari assured that “the armed forces remain fully alert and are preparing options for further actions.”

Iran warned earlier this week of a planned attack on Israel over the shelling of the Iranian embassy in Syria, which Tehran blamed on Tel Aviv.

Iran attack on Israel. Protection is provided by the “Iron Dome”

“Iron Dome” is used to protect military and civilian facilities against frequent rocket fire from the Gaza Strip and Lebanon. Israel began building the system after the war in Lebanon in 2006, and was then supported by technology and financing from the US. According to the Israeli military company Rafael, which participated in the design of the system, its effectiveness is approximately 90%.

Each Iron Dome battery consists of three main parts: a radar detection system, a computer that calculates the trajectory of an incoming missile, and a launcher that fires interceptor missiles if the missile is likely to hit a built-up or strategic area. Its range is 70 km.

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The system is accompanied by anti-missile defense systems, such as the Strzała system, designed to combat ballistic missiles, and the Proca Dawida system, whose task is to counteract medium-range missile attacks.

“Iron Dome”. The US military signed the contract

The Washington-based Center for Strategic and International Studies estimates that producing the equipment necessary for one interception costs between 40,000 and 50,000. dollars. Creating a complete system, including radar, a computer and three or four launchers – each carrying up to 20 interceptor missiles – costs about $100 million.

In August 2019 The US military signed a contract for the purchase of two “Iron Dome” batteries to strengthen its own short-range missile defense potential.

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