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Iran. Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Benet criticizes Iran’s nuclear program at the United Nations

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Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett said at the United Nations (UN) General Assembly that Iran’s nuclear program crossed “all the red lines”. The head of the Israeli government stressed that Tel Aviv “will not allow” Tehran to equip itself with nuclear weapons.

“Iran’s nuclear program has reached a turning point, as has our tolerance for it,” Israel’s Prime Minister Naftali Bennett said to the United Nations General Assembly.


– In recent years, Iran has made a great step forward in the development of its nuclear program and the production and enrichment of uranium. Iran’s nuclear weapons program is at a critical juncture, all red lines have been crossed, he added.

Israel Criticizes Iran’s Nuclear ProgramABEDIN TAHERKENAREH / PAP / EPA

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Israel’s prime minister criticizes Iran. Tehran’s answer

– Inspections were ignored. All wishful thinking turned out to be wrong. Iran is currently breaking agreements with the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) and is doing it without consequences, Bennett said, stressing that Israel “will not allow” Iran to acquire nuclear weapons. In his speech, Bennett also referred to Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi as a “butcher”.

Iran’s ambassador to the UN Majid Ravanchi responded to the speech of the Israeli prime minister in a succinct tweet. “The phobia towards Iran is widespread in the United Nations,” he wrote. He condemned Bennett’s “false” words and pointed out that Israel had no right to talk about the Iranian nuclear program because it itself had “hundreds of nuclear warheads.”

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