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Iran. Military about attacking Israel. They indicate the reason for the firing

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A few dozen minutes earlier, a spokesman for the Defense Forces Israel (IDF) Rear Admiral Daniel Hagari confirmed that towards the country dozens of drones were launched.

It will take several hours for the threat to reach Israel. An attempt will be made to intercept targets before they appear on our territory. The IDF is implementing an orderly plan for which we were prepared, he said.

– We prepared in advance for several scenarios. GPS service will be unavailable in some areas. Society must obey orders, act responsibly and calmly (…) The IDF is prepared and ready in all its formations in defense and attack – added.

As reported, Iranian drones are expected to appear in Israeli skies within a few hours. At the same time, it was emphasized that the army would try to destroy them before they entered the country.

Air defense is on high alertat the same time, Air Force planes and Navy ships that carry out the mission of protecting the skies over the country,” the IDF statement reads.

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Iran Attack on Israel: This is revenge for the attack on the Iranian consulate in Damascus

After the attack was announced, a statement issued by The Islamic Revolutionary Guards Army, one of the two branches of the Iranian armed forces.

“In the name of the merciful God, the honest and martyr-loving Islamic nation Iran responds to numerous crimes of the Zionist regime, including attack on the consular section of the embassy of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Damascus and the martyrdom of Iranian military leaders and advisers,” it said.

“During Operation Tru Promise, our brave Air Force, supported by other forces, they completed the task of punishing criminal regime using dozens of missiles and drones.

As noted in the statement, the operation was carried out “with the consent of the Supreme National Security Council and under the supervision of the General Staff of the Armed Forces, with the support of the people of the Islamic Republic of Iran and the Ministry of Defense.”

Ali Khamenei: They will be punished

A short message also appeared on social media channels Iranian Supreme Leader Ali Khmenei.

– The malicious regime that is all evil and wrong has added another error to its mistakes by launching an attack on the Iranian consulate in Syria. Consulates and embassies in each country where they exist are considered the land of the country to which the embassy belongs. An attack on our consulate is an attack on our land. The malicious regime made a bad move in this case. He should be punished and will be punished, he said.

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