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Iran. More than 2,000 businesses have closed. The reason is the lack of hijab at the owners, employees or clients

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In Iran, authorities closed more than 2,000 businesses in April because owners, clients or employees did not wear a hijab, Iran International reported on Friday, citing local media. Among other things, restaurants, shops and even a clinic and gym were closed. As a result, tens of thousands of people could lose their jobs.

Local media this week reported the closure of Tehran’s Opal mall, which had 450 stores. “This one decision alone has meant the loss of 2,500 jobs,” he says Iran International.

In early April, Ali Khamenei, the leader of Iran, confirmed that the regime’s stance on the 1979 introduction of the hijab, a black headscarf tightly covering the hair, had not been softened. “Rejecting the hijab is a sin, both religious and political,” Khamenei said. The declaration is believed to be a command to state institutions and local authorities to use all means to regain control over women who have joined the civil disobedience movement opposing the compulsory covering of hair, according to the portal.

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Such actions may be contrary to both religious and state law

Some lawyers point out that closing businesses as a punishment is against the law, both under Sharia – Muslim religious law – and the codes of the Islamic Republic.

– Has anyone heard of “banned the street” because someone killed someone on it? Is it possible to close an office due to corruption? The law does not allow a company to close because someone has taken off its hijab, said Mohammad Mansouri-Boroujeni, a law professor at the University of Isfahan, quoted by the portal.

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In recent weeks, Tehran’s authorities have placed dozens of banners promoting the hijab in public places. In one of them, a woman puts a veil on a young girl. Under the photo is the slogan: “Hijab is the legacy of mothers to daughters.” Another poster argues that opposing the mandatory veil is “destroying the foundations of the family.”

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