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Iran. nuclear program. UN inspector: If Iran has enriched uranium to 84 percent, it is ready to build a nuclear weapon

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If Iran has enriched uranium to 84 percent, it is ready to build a nuclear weapon, warns Israel’s UN nuclear inspector Dr. Naama Charit Jaari in an interview with the Jerusalem Post.

Czarit Jaari stressed that the bomb that was dropped in August 1945 USA 80 percent enriched uranium was used, and if the Americans had enriched it to 93-94 percent, the damage would have been doubled.

UN inspector on Iran’s nuclear program

Inspectors of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) found in Iran traces of uranium enriched to 84 percent, just 6 percent below the level currently considered sufficient to produce nuclear weapons, it was reported on Sunday.

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Iran has been enriching uranium for 10 years. It’s disturbing. (…) We will organize more inspections – announced Czarit Jaari.

If the report on Iran’s uranium enrichment to 84% is reliable, it means that theoretically the Ayatollah regime already has the nuclear fuel needed to build a bomb. It will be less effective than a high-quality bomb, but it is certainly possible to build it, the expert assessed.

Iran’s uranium enrichment – UN inspector commentary

– This new discovery teaches two important things. First, Iran appears to be getting closer to the optimum level of enrichment to build a nuclear bomb, and is less than 10 percent short of that goal. Secondly, a nuclear reactor does not require 84 percent enriched uranium to generate electricity, but much less. However, apparently it is possible that the Iranians claim to have produced a very small amount of highly enriched uranium, even remnants, and in that case there is no cause for concern, Charit Jaari explained.

– It is difficult to judge whether they are using residues or intentionally enriching uranium. It is hard to believe that they reached 84 percent by accident, because the process itself is very complicated – emphasized Czarit Jaari.


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