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Iran Tehran. Thick smog. “The situation is getting worse every day.”

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Smog enveloped the capital of Iran on Tuesday. Residents complained of breathing difficulties. – Polluted air has become a huge problem here, said Shahriar Karami, a resident of Tehran.

Air quality standards were significantly exceeded in the Iranian capital on Tuesday. The air pollution index (AQI) exceeded 150, which means that Tehran’s residents were breathing “unhealthy” air.

– Polluted air has become a huge problem here, the situation is getting worse every day, and instead of doing something about it, the authorities are simply closing schools for a few days, said Shahriar Karami, a resident of the Iranian capital. – The real culprits are the authorities, who should think about their people and provide better fuel, not fuel that is harmful. We need to start replacing old cars and modernize public transport, he added. A resident of Tehran noticed that on days when the air is polluted, it is difficult to breathe.

AQI (Air Quality Index) is an index of the American EPA (United States Environmental Protection Agency) used to report the daily state of air quality. Index values ​​0-50 mean “good” air quality, 51-100 “average”, 101-150 “unhealthy for sensitive people”, 151-200 “unhealthy”, 201-300 “very unhealthy”, and above 300 “life-threatening”. “.

Air Quality Index (AQI)aqicn.org

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Smog in Tehran

Daruish Golalizade, chairman of Iran’s air and environmental protection organization, said on Tuesday that nothing had been done to improve air quality in the past 20 years.

“I have to apologize to people because the opportunity to have clean air is a human right, and now for some reason, unfortunately, they are deprived of it,” Golalizade said.

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