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Iran. The ban on the possession of pets is considered by parliament, with heavy penalties

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If parliament passes the law, the next generations will remember us as people who banned dogs because they are dogs and cats because they are cats, says a veterinarian quoted by the BBC. The Iranian authorities have been trying for many years to make it difficult to own pets. Now a draft law has been prepared to directly prohibit their possession without a special permit. There are also severe penalties for breaking the new regulations.

In Tehran, the capital Iran, in 2019, a ban on walking dogs in public spaces and transporting them in cars was already introduced. The head of the local police then argued that the ban was introduced due to the fact that dogs “cause fear and anxiety” among citizens.

Similar, partially overlapping regulations were once again introduced in early July this year, this time banning dogs from entering any parks in the city.

No pets

Now, the Iranian parliament can go one step further and simply ban pets, warns the British BBC on Tuesday. The proposed “law on the protection of the rights of society against animals” assumes that the possession of pets would be allowed only after obtaining a permit issued by a special commission.

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The details of the operation of this commission have not been specified, but it can be assumed that the establishment of such a body is to make it difficult, and not to facilitate the possession of animals. It is also known that the minimum fine for “importing, buying, selling, transporting and keeping” domestic animals such as dogs, cats, turtles and rabbits without special permission is expected to be around $ 800, or around 3.7 thousand. zlotys.

According to the BBC, the new law could be adopted “soon”.

Persian cat unwanted in “homeland”

“Debates around this bill began more than a decade ago, when a group of Iranian MPs tried to promote the right to confiscate all dogs and return them to zoos or leave them in the deserts,” said Dr. Payam Mohebi, president of the Iranian Veterinary Association. He calls the planned act “embarrassing” and reminds that over the years it has changed many times, at some time there have even been proposals to apply corporal punishment on dog owners.

– If the parliament passes the law, the next generations will remember us as people who banned dogs because they are dogs and cats because they are cats – emphasizes Dr. Mohebi. As the BBC notes from Iran, i.e. former Persia, one of the most famous cat breeds comes from, i.e. the Persian cat. – Can you believe that Persian cats are now unsafe in their homeland? – asks the veterinarian from Tehran, quoted in his pages.

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Arrest for a walk

As another Tehran veterinarian, Dr. Ashkan Shemirani, states, Iran’s current dog ownership laws are not entirely clear, hence further ideas and regulations are being announced. – Police officers stop people for walking their dogs, and even for transporting them in cars based on their own interpretation and considering it a sign of westernization – he says in an interview with the BBC.

The vet adds that Iranian authorities have also created a “prison” for pets taken from their owners. He described it as a place where animals are kept “for days in the open, without adequate access to food and water, while dog owners face all sorts of legal problems.”

The ongoing detention of pet owners and taking pets from them make Iranians who own pets live in more and more fear. The BBC cites the case of Mahsa, a resident of Tehran, who not only cannot go for a walk with her pet, but is also afraid to apply for a permit to have a dog. -What if they decline my application? I can’t leave him on the street – he says.

Muslim radicals want bans on pets behzad moloud / Shutterstock

“Unclean” dogs

Iran was one of the first countries in the Middle East to pass animal welfare laws in 1948, and the government also founded an animal rights institution. She even had an Iranian dog Royal family.

However, the situation of the tetrapod changed drastically after the Islamic revolution in 1979. The current authorities, in line with the Islamic tradition, see dogs as “unclean” animals, and their possession as a symbol of Western cultural influences that should be opposed.

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