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Iran. This is one of the country’s most important military facilities. The military admitted that it had an underground airbase

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Iran’s state-run IRNA news agency said Tehran has an underground air base to ward off potential Israeli attacks, the Times of Israel reported on Tuesday. The facility is called Eagle 44, there are fighters equipped with long-range missiles.

The website reported, citing the Iranian state news agency IRNA, that there are fighter jets equipped with long-range missiles at an undisclosed location. Mohammad Bagheri, commander of the Iranian armed forces, stated that Iran is ready to respond to any potential strikes from Iran. Israel or other enemies.

“Any attack on Iran by our enemies, including Israel, will be met with a response from many of our air bases, including Eagle 44,” Bagheri said.

The IRNA agency reported that the Eagle 44 facility is one of Iran’s most important military facilities. The location of the base has not been disclosed for fear of potential attacks.

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Eagle 44 underground Iranian basePAP/EPA/IRANAN ARMY OFFICE/HANDOUT

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Israel strikes Iranian targets regularly

Israel is suspected of carrying out a series of attacks on Iran, including the attack on the Natanz underground nuclear facility, where centrifuges used to enrich uranium were damaged. Last week it happened large drone attack for a key Iranian defense facility in the city of Isfahan. The facility hit in the attack was probably a plant producing Shahed-136 drones (which Iran supplies to the Russians – ed.). Israeli authorities, as usual, declined to comment on the operation, the Times of Israel writes.

In response to the attack on a military facility in Isfahan, Tehran threatened retaliation, warning Israel not to “play with fire,” the portal recalled.

Prime Minister in the previous term Benjamin Netanyahu ordered numerous strikes against Iranian targets not only in Iran but also in Syria. He has openly spoken of his intention to oppose Tehran’s nuclear aspirations at all costs, as Israel sees Iran’s acquisition of nuclear weapons as an existential threat, the Times of Israel reports.


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