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Iran was supposed to acquire the technology to build supersonic cruise missiles

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Iran has acquired technology to build supersonic cruise missiles, which is currently being tested, the semi-official Iranian Tasnim news agency reported on Wednesday. Reuters notes that the information was released at a time when tensions in relations between Tehran and Washington have increased.

“This missile, which is a new generation of Iranian-made cruise missiles, is currently being tested and will represent a new quality in Iran’s defense power,” the agency said.

Cruise missiles, i.e. those capable of changing the flight path to the target, usually travel at speeds lower than the speed of sound. Less common are structures that move at supersonic or even faster – hypersonic speed.

The Reuters agency recalls that the information was given at a time when tensions in relations between Tehran and Washington increased. In July United States additionally sent F-35 and F-16 fighters and a warship to Near East to monitor key waterways in the region after Iran seized foreign ships in the Persian Gulf in recent months. In early August, U.S. administration officials said U.S. Marines could soon sail on merchant ships to defend them from Iranian attacks in the Gulf region.

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In addition, last week the Iranian authorities announced that they had new ships armed with missiles with a range of 600 kilometers. The ships were presented during exercises off the coast of Abu Musa, located in the Persian Gulf, one of the three Iranian-controlled islands claimed by Iran. United Arab Emirates.

Report: Iran seeks to take over key parts of Syria’s defense industry

In early August, Israel’s Alma Research and Education Center released a report that warns that Iran is seeking to take over key parts of Syria’s defense industry, including the production of chemical weapons.

A Syrian soldier near Damascus. Archive photoYOUSSEF BADAWI/EPA/PAP

The report also said that the regime in Damascus now has extensive “chemical capabilities” and sees stockpiles of chemical weapons as a guarantee of its survival. The reserves of these weapons could bring important benefits to Iran.

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Main photo source: Reuters

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