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Iran will not ratify the 2015 Paris climate agreement without lifting sanctions on the nuclear program

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Iran’s Irna agency, citing Ali Salajegheh, head of the state environmental agency, said on Wednesday that Iran would not ratify the 2015 Paris climate agreement without lifting international sanctions on its nuclear program. “Our main message at this summit is that states should engage in talks first,” he said.

– When finalizing the process of joining the Paris Agreement, Iran, due to sanctions, could neither implement nor use it. So how can we commit (to implement this arrangement) if there is no benefit to it? announced the head of the Iranian environmental protection agency. – The first condition under which Iran will be able to sign and implement the assumptions (agreements) is the lifting of oppressive sanctions – added Salajegheh on the sidelines of the COP26 climate conference in Glasgow.

– Our main message at this summit is that states should first engage in talks regarding the lifting of sanctions against the Islamic Republic of Iran – he said.


Nuclear deal with Iran

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The 2015 nuclear deal (JCPOA) provided for Tehran to significantly reduce uranium production, and the international community to lift economic sanctions against the country.

New economic sanctions on Iran were imposed in 2018 by the then US President Donald Trump, withdrawing Washington from the nuclear deal with Iran.

The Iranian authorities announced the resumption of negotiations on “a revival of the nuclear deal” in Vienna on November 29.

The Paris Agreement, which entered into force in 2016, concerns climate protection and sets out measures to limit global warming to a level well below 2 degrees Celsius. This is to reduce the risk of significant climate change in the world. This agreement was adopted by 196 governments and organizations – participants of the COP21 climate summit in Paris in December 2015.

Main photo source: SIPA / East News

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