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Iran. Women doused with yogurt through uncovered hair were arrested

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Two Iranian women were attacked by a man in a shop after he noticed that their hair was not covered. Mother and daughter were doused with yogurt by him. The attacker was pushed out of the store by a man standing behind the cash register, but the authorities decided to detain the women.

The incident allegedly took place in the city of Shandiz in the north-east of the country. Surveillance video from March 30, shared with Reuters by Iran’s WANA news agency, shows two women queuing at a grocery store. At some point, a man entered the store and noticed the women who did not cover their hair.

After a short exchange, the man grabbed a container of yogurt and attacked the women with it, spilling the liquid over their heads. The attacker was confronted by a man standing at the cash register, who pushed him out of the store’s threshold. According to Iranian media, they were attacked by a mother and daughter.

Authorities in Shandiz issued arrest warrants for two women for flouting dress codes for women, the BBC reported. Iran. The man was also arrested – for disorderly conduct.

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President after the incident Ebrahim Raisi He noted that the wearing of hijab by women, i.e. a headscarf covering the hair, ears and neck, is enshrined in law.

Shot from the surveillance recordingReuters

Hijab was made compulsory in Iran in 1979 after the Islamic Revolution. The seizure of power by Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini significantly worsened the situation of women, depriving them of a number of personal freedoms. Iran was then transformed from a constitutional monarchy into an Islamic republic. A new constitution was adopted, and the Council of Revolutionary Guards was established, which was to ensure compliance of laws with Sharia law. A staunch critic of the West and subject to US sanctions for violations human rights Raisi, after winning the 2021 presidential election, continued this strict policy.

The state-run IRNA news agency reported in early March that Iran’s judiciary recalled punishments for women who “violate the order to dress in accordance with Islam.” – Taking off the hijab is tantamount to showing hostility to the Islamic Republic and its values. Those who engage in this abnormal activity will be punished, said the head of the justice system, Golam Hussein Mohseni Ejj.

Tehran in February 2023 shotsReuters

In mid-September 2022, protests against the authorities broke out in the country, which lasted for several months, after a 22-year-old Kurdish woman, Mahsa Amini, died after being arrested by the so-called morality police for inappropriate, in the eyes of the authorities, dress – the headgear was supposed to insufficiently cover her hair. As a gesture of solidarity and rebellion, many women across Iran took off their mandatory headgear. The civil protest continues and some of them still do not wear headscarves.

Iranian women in a park in TehranPhoto from April 2PAP/EPA/ABEDIN TAHERKENAREH

Main photo source: Reuters

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