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Iranian attack on targets in Pakistan

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On Tuesday, Iranian state media reported that the bases of the Balochistan militant group Jaysh al-Adl in Pakistan were the target of a missile attack. It came a day after Iran’s elite Revolutionary Guard attacked targets in Iraq and Syria.

Iran announced that it carried out attacks on the “bases of Balochistan fighters” Jaysh al-Adl w Pakistan – reported the state agency IRNA. Rockets and drones were used in the attack, and two bases were to be destroyed.

Pakistan admitted that neighboring Iran violated its airspace, resulting in the death of two children. In a statement issued by a Pakistani foreign ministry spokesman, Islamabad warned that the incident could have “serious consequences” and was “completely unacceptable.”

Iran carried out attacks on Balochistan Jaysh al-Adl “fighter bases” in PakistanABEDIN TAHERKENAREH/PAP/EPA

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Jaysh al-Adl attacks

The Sunni group Jaysh al-Adl (Army of Justice), established a decade ago, is considered by Iran and, among others, USAfor a terrorist organization.

He demands broader rights for the Baluch ethnic minority living in the Iranian province of Sistan and Baluchistan. Unlike most Iranian citizens, the Baloch most often follow the Sunni version of Islam.

Jaysh al-Adl carried out attacks on Iranian military targets. Tehran has in the past called on Islamabad to crack down on the organization, saying it and other similar groups operate from “safe havens” in Pakistan. The group claimed responsibility for attacks in southeastern Iran.


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