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Wednesday, December 1, 2021

Iraq. Police in Zacha detained a man who forged passports and other documents

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Police in West Iraq have arrested a man with a bag full of forged passports from many countries, including German, French, Russian, Iranian, Syrian and Turkish, the Ore Mountains website reported. About 200 forged documents were seized by the officers.

“According to the information we have obtained, the main perpetrator is smuggling people from Kurdistan and forging passports and visas, as well as issuing forged identity cards and all other documents,” Nahshat Salman of the police in Zachu told the Rudaw portal.

The detained man has been involved in the practice for ten years, together with his father-in-law, who is still at large. Police suspect he may be in Istanbul. West officers are working with Interpol on this.


Forged documentsENEX

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The “son-in-law” denied the accusations

The details of the document forgers were not disclosed. Rudaw cites “son-in-law” who claims that “his father-in-law sent him a bag of passports to keep until they were collected by their owners.” “Many people never picked up the documents, and the son-in-law did not want to keep them anymore” – wrote the Iraqi portal. – When I realized something was wrong, I tried to do something. So I asked my father-in-law to pick them up on the phone. He said he would send someone to pick them up, but no one showed up – said “son-in-law”.

Counterfeit passportsENEX

Police in Zach said that the men received between $ 11,000 and $ 15,000 for each passport.

Main photo source: ENEX

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