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Iraq. The flood water swept away the car and flooded the houses

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Streets turned into torrents, houses were flooded with water up to the floors. The floods that occurred in the province of Duhok in Iraq were the consequence of heavy rainfall. Rain is still possible in the region.

Some regions of Iraq have recently been severely affected by downpours and floods. Among the places most affected was the town of Bamerne in Duhok province.

The recordings show how a rushing river flows down the street and sweeps away everything that it encounters on its way, including a mud-covered car.

The flood wave washed vehicles away

– On Wednesday around 4:30 in the morning we realized that the first floor of our house was full of water. We barely made it up to the second floor. I have noticed that the floodwater is washing vehicles away, said Nechirvan Ahmed, a teacher from Bamerne.

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Flooding in the city of Bamarne ENEX

Cleanup crews spent several days cleaning up the flood damage. Their main task was to unblock roads from piles of rubble, mud and other deposits.

Huge damage

– This flood has caused great damage to the town of Bamerne, including households, vehicles and schools. Many streets are destroyed, Mayor Bizaw Mohammed reported. In total, about 21 houses are completely destroyed, including at least two schools.

Heavy downpours are expected to continue until at least the end of the weekend.

Main photo source: ENEX

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