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Ireland. A man died after being attacked by a rooster. Surprising results of the investigation

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An Irish poultry farmer has died after being attacked by a rooster. Paramedics who tried to resuscitate the man believed that the bird’s attack had caused his death. An autopsy, the results of which were presented on February 14, showed that the cause of death was different.

Jasper Kraus died in the kitchen of his home in Killahornia village Ireland April 28, 2022. Corey O’Keeffe found the man lying in a pool of blood. Kraus had a stab wound to his left leg that caused “heavy bleeding,” he told authorities during the investigation. Information about the findings of the investigation was provided by the Irish Examiner on Tuesday, February 14.

The investigation revealed that before his death, Kraus was attacked by a brahma rooster. Traces of blood found in the kitchen led to a backyard henhouse, paramedics were convinced that the man died as a result of a rooster attack. An autopsy, however, showed that the cause of death was not the wounds sustained as a result of the attack, but a heart attack. The man had an arrhythmia. Dr. Ramadan Shatwan, who conducted the autopsy, said the deceased’s face was covered in dried blood, but no wounds were found.

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His daughter visited him just before he died

The deceased’s daughter, Virginia Guinan, admitted that her father had cancer in remission, had previously suffered from kidney failure and had heart problems. The woman last saw her father on the same day: when she left him the groceries, he was asleep. She chose not to wake him up because “he was depressed, his dog died recently.” When she later arrived at the house, alerted by the tenant Kraus, the services tried unsuccessfully to resuscitate the man. The TV was on, and the cigarette was still smoldering, the daughter remembered.

Virginia Guinan later testified that she saw one rooster in the henhouse with blood on its claws. The same one that attacked her daughter earlier. O’Keeffe, in turn, testified that on April 28, 2022, he returned home from the night shift around 8 a.m. He fed the animals, then spoke briefly with Kraus. Then he heard his scream.

Brahma rooster (illustration photo)Shutterstock

In the kitchen, he noticed blood gushing from the man’s left leg. On the other leg he noticed two other scratches. Losing consciousness, Kraus was supposed to say the word “rooster” – recalled the tenant. He had lived in the Kraus house for two years; he took care of the animals there, including chickens and ducks. Some of them belonged to him, some to Kraus.

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