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Ireland. The fishermen wanted to disrupt the Russian maneuvers. Agreement with the ambassador

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Russia wants to conduct warship exercises off the coast of Ireland. The maneuvers were planned to be disrupted by Irish fishermen, who announced on Thursday that at a meeting with the Russian ambassador, they had agreed to create buffer zones for the duration of the exercise.

Announced last week by Russia has a plan to conduct warship exercises on 3-8 February, approximately 260 km from the south-west coast of Ireland, it aroused considerable controversy. They would take place within Ireland’s exclusive economic zone. Due to the international situation, the Irish Ministry of Foreign Affairs stated that the presence of Russian units would be unwelcome.


In addition, Irish fishermen protested against the plans on Tuesday, pointing out that they would take place in fishing areas, which threatens to upset the ecosystem. They announced that they intend to protest during the maneuvers.

Although Russia’s ambassador to Ireland, Yuri Filatov, argued that the controversy was “greatly exaggerated” and that the exercises “were in no way a threat to Ireland or anyone else,” he decided to finally meet the fishermen due to the growing media coverage of the matter.

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Following its conclusion, Brendan Byrne, head of the Irish Fish Processors and Exporters Association, said an agreement had been reached that opened up the possibility of simultaneous fishing and maneuvering.

The details of the agreement still require approval by the government in Moscow, but the zone would be flexible and the distance between Irish with fishing boats a Russian on ships, it would range between 60 and 80 km.

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