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Is PiS policy taking Poland out of the EU? Survey for “Fakty” TVN and TVN24

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According to the majority of respondents, the Law and Justice policy is taking Poland out of the European Union – this is the result of the latest Kantar survey for “Fakty” TVN and TVN24. The European Commission has repeatedly accused Poland of violating EU law. Due to the politicization of the judiciary, payments for the National Reconstruction Plan are frozen.

In a Kantar survey for “Fakty” TVN and TVN24, over half of those questioned – 54 percent – believe that the government’s actions lead to Poland’s withdrawal from the European Union. 32 percent of respondents believe that PiS’s actions strengthen Poland’s position in the EU. The answer “I don’t know/it’s hard to say” was chosen by 14 percent of respondents.

Is PiS policy taking Poland out of the EU? Survey for “Fakty” TVN and TVN24Fakty TVN

Poland versus the EU

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Constant conflicts with the EU have their price. Behind every amount that we do not receive for KPO, there are specific investments that do not exist. Lubliniec is waiting for money to build a tunnel under the railway tracks. Mikołów wants to save energy and build its own photovoltaic farms. The hospital in Gliwice will not be built either – if there is no money for KPO. Such investments are, or rather could be, in every poviat and commune. Projects that local authorities will not be able to handle without EU money. The authors of even the smallest projects, including the revitalization of the swimming pool in Żarki, know perfectly well who is responsible for this chaos. The KPO itself is worth several hundred billion zlotys. There are other funds – also frozen by the EU. – This could have been created and oops, it’s gone. Who is responsible for this? Kaczyński and his gang – says Aleksandra Gajewska, PO.

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The reason is the government’s violation of European law, usurpation of the Constitutional Tribunal, repression of independent judges, and politicization of the National Council of the Judiciary. After years of violating the rule of law, Brussels made it clear that changes to the law come first, money later. This gave rise to further conflicts within the government camp, but PiS blames only the EU for the lack of money. – We do not meet the criteria, we do not complete applications, we do not receive money. Everyone gets something from us, but we don’t get it ourselves – notes Dariusz Joński, Civic Coalition, Inicjatywa Polska. In addition, there is the visa scandal, the temporary restoration of border controls, alliances with Orban, the creation of LGBT-free zones – the opposition says that the next step may be for Poland to say goodbye to the EU. Most Poles also think the same.

The authorities deny it. – This does not mean that we want to leave the European Union. We want to use our subjective rights that Poland is entitled to, assures Zbigniew Ziobro. Only when it comes to money for the KPO, the authorities do nothing except wait for the judgment of the conflicted Constitutional Tribunal. There is not even a request for payment. Soon it will be 900 days without KPO.

The telephone survey was conducted on October 2-4 on a nationwide, representative sample of 1,500 people over 18 years of age.

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