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Islands for sale – which are the most expensive islands? How much are? HRE Investments list

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A private island is a real treat, but reserved only for the fabulously rich. HRE Investments has prepared a list of the five most expensive islands waiting for the owner. “For this, however, you need a sea of ​​cash” – emphasized in the statement.

The top-shelf real estate market is not only about luxury apartments, mansions, estates with vineyards and castles. You can also think about buying a private island. Sea sunsets, white beaches with warm sand, blue lagoons and private airports – these are just some of the advantages. Such a purchase may also be an investment – argues Oskar Sękowski, an analyst at HRE Investments.


The most expensive island on the list for $ 200 million

The most expensive island from the list costs US $ 200 million, or about PLN 785 million. “For this price, we will become the owners of an island with an area of ​​260 hectares – the price includes beautiful, sandy beaches and azure water. The island of Patroclus is located in the vicinity of the Greek capital – Athens” – describes the analyst.

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He adds that “the perfect Mediterranean climate allows us to enjoy sunbathing and grow olives – in the northern part we find over 5,000 olive trees.” In addition, he explains, there are around 100 hectares available for agricultural activities, and “the rest of the island is rather rocky and made mostly of green marble.”

“From the investor’s point of view, the island of Patroklos is an ideal place for tourist activities. Currently, we have only four small buildings ranging in size from 50 to 70 square meters, but after obtaining the consent of the ministry, they can be expanded” – emphasized in the summary.


The second most expensive island for $ 160 million

Rangyai Island, located east of Phuket – the largest island in Thailand, was in second place. As for the advantages, white sand beaches, lush tropical forests and the location in the Andaman Sea were mentioned.

“We will get to the island by 10 minutes by boat from the city located in the aforementioned Phuket. For this 44-hectare Asian paradise you have to pay 160 million dollars, which means the amount of about 630 million zlotys at the current rate” – explains the analyst.


An American island for $ 95 million

There is the third island in the vicinity of Florida with a value of USD 95 million, i.e. over PLN 370 million. “Pumpkin Key, because we are talking about it, is a 10-hectare islet located in Card Sound Bay. We can get there by boat (10-minute cruise) or by helicopter straight from Miami, because the island has a private landing pad, which is There is also a tennis court. The island itself is very lush with vegetation and there is only one house on it, “explains Sękowski.

He adds that there are lobster fisheries in the vicinity, and “for entertainment, you can take advantage of the nearby offer of snorkeling, diving, sport fishing or golf courses”. “And all this takes place on the only living coral reef off the coast of the North American continent,” he emphasizes.

Pumpkin Key IslandGoogle Earth

An island in the Bahamas for $ 80 million

The next place is an island in the Bahamas archipelago – about 600 km southwest as the crow flies from Pumpkin Key. “There, Blue Island awaits the buyer there – an island with an area of ​​280 hectares. It is a truly paradise offer – its undoubted advantage is the blue, transparent lagoon. The three-mile coastal strip of white, sandy beaches is one of the paradisical advantages. pay 80 million dollars, or almost 315 million zlotys “- we read.

It was also explained that the island has not only beautiful landscapes, but also amenities – for example, a new asphalt runway, 1700 meters long, where a private jet can land. “The broker who praises this offer emphasizes that it is the only island in the Caribbean to have a jet landing site,” it said.

Blue Island Google Earth

Atoll for $ 65 million

The fifth place is an island from the Maldives archipelago – “for 65 million dollars, ie 256 million zlotys, an atoll, an island built of a coral reef, was put up for sale there.”

“The island is a real opportunity for the future hotelier. On more than 56 hectares we will find several properties – potential hotels with swimming pools and lagoon views. The tourist potential of the island is supported by the airport. The offer also includes an additional unspoiled island with an area of ​​12 hectares” – writes an analyst HRE Investments.

Polish island

Finally, Sękowski states that a private island can also be purchased in Poland. “Its exact price is only available to those interested in buying it. A very general idea of ​​the potential price is given by the fact that in the ranking of the most expensive islands, this offer is between the island for 60 and 5 million dollars. This means that if you want to buy it, we will have to spend more than 20, but less than PLN 235 million “- describes the analyst.

“For those who appreciate the proximity of their homeland, we have this almost 9-hectare proposition at Lake Lubie. The private island is surrounded by virgin forests and hills. There are ideal conditions for recreation, for horse riding, fishing, canoeing and sailing. Currently, the island is used as a camping site. and it can only be reached by ferry or boat “- it was written.

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