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Islet. The driver entered the railway crossing despite the lowered barriers, forced the train to stop – video from the monitoring

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The 67-year-old almost led to a tragedy and forced the train to stop, now he will appear in court. The driver of the BMW – despite the lowered gates – drove the car to the railway crossing in Ostrów near Radymno in Podkarpacie. The man stopped just before the tracks and reversed the vehicle, but the driver had already applied emergency braking. Police found the driver thanks to surveillance video.

On July 28, in the early morning, police officers from Jarosław in Podkarpacie received information that in Ostrów a car drove into a railway crossing, forcing a passenger train to stop. Surveillance recorded the entire incident. The video has now been released by the police.

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The driver forced emergency braking of the train in Ostrów in Podkarpacie

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The driver applied the emergency brake

The video shows a braking car that hits one of the tollgates, drives through it and stops just before the track. There are flashing red lights next to the dam to warn of an approaching train. After a while, the car reverses slightly, and at the same moment a train passes through the crossing. After emergency braking, the train stops, blocking the railway crossing.

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Then the driver maneuvers the car behind the closed barriers – most likely to get out of the crossing. According to police, the driver of the BMW left the scene. One of the witnesses reported the incident to the police.

The driver forced emergency braking of the train in Ostrów in Podkarpacie

“Based on the secured monitoring recording, the police determined the vehicle that took part in this incident. The officers reached the driver of the BMW, which turned out to be a 67-year-old resident of the Radymno commune. causing a threat to road safety. The case will end up in court, “we read in the communiqué of the Podkarpackie police.

As they reported to the uniform, entering the railway crossing despite the ban is punishable by a fine of PLN 2,000.

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