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Israel. An attack on Iran was simulated, several hundred aircraft in the air – reported the “Jerusalem Post”

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Israel conducts the largest military exercise in the history of the country. On Wednesday, it launched hundreds of defense planes. According to the Jerusalem Post, an air attack on Iran was simulated.

The exercise was part of the “Chariots of Fire” exercise that lasted for a month. Airplanes – including combat units and air tankers – took off from numerous locations in Israel and headed for Cyprus, simulating an attack on targets remote from the country’s borders, including Iran.

Israel has significantly increased its level of readiness and has taken many steps over the past year to prepare the military to attack Iran’s nuclear infrastructure, the Jerusalem Post reported.

The conducted exercises are the largest in the history of the country and involve thousands of soldiers and reservists.

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Israeli F-16 fighters (photo from May 2022)East News

Israeli Defense Minister Beni Ganc, who is in Cyprus on Wednesday, thanked the government in Nicosia and said the Cypriot agreement to involve their country in the exercise shows “the depth of a strategic alliance” between the capitals.

Ganc stressed that the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) “will hit hard anyone who threatens the citizens of the State of Israel.”

Main photo source: East News

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