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Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Israel bombed Hamas targets in the Gaza Strip

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An Israeli military spokesman reported on air strikes on Hamas targets in the Gaza Strip. This was to be a response to Hamas’ sending balloons filled with incendiary substance over Israeli territory, causing significant damage to farmland.

Israeli air force raids on Hamas targets in the Gaza Strip on Saturday morning in response to incendiary balloons being dispatched from the territory, an Israeli military spokesman said. According to the press release, the attacks targeted a rocket launcher battery and other facilities belonging to the radical group ruling in Gaza. No information on casualties or damage.


Hamas ships balloons filled with an incendiary substance

Hamas did not respond to this message.

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Since the ceasefire agreement of May 21, Hamas has occasionally released balloons filled with incendiary substances over Israeli territory. Balloons do significant damage to farmland.

According to the Palestinian side, the balloons are intended to persuade Israel to ease restrictions on the Gaza Strip, which were tightened during the fighting in May.

Since then, the fights have been conducted with varying intensity.

PAP / Adam Ziemienowicz

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