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Israel. Finance Minister Avigdor Lieberman wants to give Russian immigrants access to their bank accounts in Russia

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Israeli Finance Minister Avigdor Lieberman is looking for ways to allow Russian immigrants to access bank accounts in Russia and make transfers to Israel. Western sanctions imposed on Russia because of the armed invasion of Ukraine have made life difficult for Russians living abroad, including Soviet-era immigrants who usually support Lieberman’s party, reports Reuters.

An interlocutor of the agency in the Israeli finance ministry said that in Israel over a million immigrants from the former Soviet Union live. 57,000 people receive Russian pensions, but due to Western sanctions, they do not reach recipients.

Lieberman – as stated by Reuters’ interlocutor – was to convene a meeting on Tuesday with employees of the ministry and representatives of the Bank of Israel on transferring money from Russiawhich “innocent citizens living in Israel” should receive. In his words, those who try to transfer money from Russia through local banks that are not subject to sanctions, but Israeli banks refuse to make such transfers, also face difficulties.


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Lieberman was born during the Soviet Union in Moldova. His party, Our Home Israel, tends to attract voters among former Soviet immigrants. New parliamentary elections are due to be held in Israel on November 1, following the Knesset dissolution last month.

The Bank of Israel announced that it would present its position during the meeting with representatives of the Ministry of Finance.

Israel is not party to the sanctions policy because of Russia’s armed aggression on Ukrainehowever, respects the provisions of the restrictions, since they were established by allies with USA and Europe – reminded Reuters.

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