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Israel. German citizen Shani Louk among those abducted by Hamas during the festival. The family recognized her in the brutal recording, her mother published an appeal

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Among the people abducted by Hamas militants is Shani Louk, who has German-Israeli citizenship. She was kidnapped along with other participants of a festival taking place near the border with the Gaza Strip. The family recognized her from a video circulating online, in which she was lying face down on a roadster. Her hair is pulled and one of the men spits on her head. The girl’s mother published an appeal after her daughter’s abduction.

On Saturday morning, the radical Palestinian group Hamas attacked Israel. The militants fired 3,500 rockets from the Gaza Strip towards Israel and entered the country by land, sea and air. The attacks affected many places. One of them was the site of an outdoor event taking place that night Nova Festival in rural farmland about three kilometers from Israel’s border with the Gaza Strip.

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Many people taking part in the event died. Some were kidnapped, including a young woman with dual citizenship – German and Israeli. The family identified her from a video circulating on the Internet.

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One of the men pulls the helpless woman’s hair, another spits

The woman lies on top of him in the off-road vehicle with her face turned downwards. Several men step on her limp body, one pulls her hair. Men shout “Allahu Akbar”. The jeep then drives away. At the same time, one of the men also spits on the girl’s head.

The woman’s name is Shani Louk, CNN reported. The family recognized her in the online video by her tattoos and hair – long brown dreadlocks with dyed blonde tips. Her cousin Tom Weintraub confirmed to the Washington Post that Louk attended the festival. He added that the family still “hopes.”

CNN states that it does not know her current whereabouts or have any information about her fate.

Mother’s appeal

In the recording published, among others, by the German daily “Bild”, the girl’s mother, Ricarda, stated: – This morning my daughter, Shani Nicole Louk, a citizen Germanwas kidnapped along with a group of tourists in southern Israel by the Palestinian Hamas.

She added that she “clearly sees” her daughter in the video appearing on the Internet. “Please send us any help or any messages,” she appealed.

Appeal from the mother of a woman captured by HamasReuters

Media: Shani Louk’s credit card was used in Gaza

The website of the weekly “Spiegel” also talked to Ricarda Louk. He wrote that “the family lives about 80 kilometers from the Gaza Strip.” “Louk is German, born in Ravensburg and emigrated to Israel thirty years ago. She comes from a Catholic family, but has since converted to Judaism. Her husband, Shani Louk’s father, is Israeli,” we read.

On the morning when the first Hamas rockets flew across the Israeli sky and an air alert was announced in her hometown, Louk called her 22-year-old daughter. She lives alone in Tel Aviv, but her mother knew she was at the festival. The daughter replied that she would go to look for shelter.

After seeing the video of her daughter, Ricarda said she “looked unconscious.”

“Shani Louk spent the night at a festival near Kibbutz Re’eim. Videos online show hundreds of young people fleeing from fire from Hamas attackers in the early morning hours. According to Israeli media reports, the terrorists shot at a crowd of young people who were first celebrating and then running away.” – describes “Spiegel”.

The family provided information about their daughter’s German citizenship in the hope that the German authorities would be able to do something in the event of negotiations about the release of the hostages and a possible exchange of prisoners. “The parents have had no contact with their daughter since the early morning phone call. However, they received information from her bank: Shani Louk’s credit card had been used in Gaza,” the portal added.

Shani Louk has never lived in Germany, her mother says, but she has traveled to the country several times to visit her grandparents in Ravensburg.

Main photo source: Reuters

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