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Israel, Hamas attack: Joe Biden: it’s pure, unadulterated evil. The US declares military support for Tel Aviv

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Like any state, Israel has the right and even the obligation to respond, said US President Joe Biden, commenting on the Hamas attack, calling it “pure, unadulterated evil.” – This is a violation of every code of human morality. The brutality of Hamas brings to mind the worst madness of ISIS, he said. Biden also said that at least 14 Americans were killed in the attacks and others were taken hostage.

– There are moments in life – and I mean this literally – when pure, unadulterated evil is released into this world. The nation of Israel experienced one such moment last weekend, he said Joe Biden during Tuesday’s speech at the White House. President USA enumerated the brutal crimes of Hamas in Israel, including the killing of children, rape and desecration of the bodies of the murdered.

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As he assessed, “this is a violation of every code of human morality.” – The brutality of Hamas brings to mind the worst madness ISIS (the so-called Islamic State – ed.) – Biden said.

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He added that for Israelis it is also a reminder of “thousands of anti-Semitism and genocide.” He said that Hamas does not strive for the right to self-determination of Palestinians and their dignity, and its only goal is to erase Israel from the map and kill Jews.

Hamas attack. How does the organization that attacked Israel work?Jakub Loska/Fakty o Świecie TVN24 BiS

“Israel has the right and even the obligation to respond”

He also reported on his Tuesday conversation with the Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahuthe third in the last three days.

– Like any state, Israel has the right and even the obligation to respond. “I told Prime Minister Netanyahu that if America experienced what Israel is experiencing now, our response would be swift, decisive and overwhelming,” Biden said.

However, he noted that he also told the head of the Israeli government that “democracies are strong when we act in accordance with the law.”

Biden ready to send additional forces to Israel if necessary

Joe Biden stated that the US will ensure that Israel has something to defend itself and respond to attacks, and that it will not run out of supplies of missiles for the Iron Dome air defense system.

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The American leader also called on Congress to approve funds that respond to the needs of “our partners”, adding that it is in America’s interest. He also once again warned third parties against trying to take advantage of the current situation in the Middle East. He added that apart an aircraft carrier strike group sent to the region together with the aircraft carrier USS Gerald Ford is ready to send additional forces if needed to deter “any organizations or states” hostile to Israel.

Biden also announced that at least 14 US citizens were killed as a result of Hamas attacks and confirmed that Americans were also among those kidnapped by Hamas and held hostage.

Main photo source: PAP/EPA/SHAWN THEW

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