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Israel-Hamas. Request for the arrest of Benjamin Netanyahu. A wave of comments

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Prosecutor International Criminal Court in The Hague, Karim Khan brought on Monday Fr issuance of arrest warrants Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahuthe country's defense chief Joawa Galanta i three leaders Hamasu in connection with the possible commission of war crimes during the ongoing war in the Middle East.

The ICC decision caused a stir quite a stir. Leaders from around the world, as well as representatives of relevant organizations, spoke protection of human rights.

Israel-Hamas. The ICC issued arrest warrants. Harsh comments from Tel Aviv

In the opinion of the president of Israel Isaac Herzog “any attempt to compare these terrible terrorists (of Hamas – ed.) with a democratically elected government Israel – seeking to fulfill its duty to defend and protect its citizens in full respect of the principles of international law – is outrageous and cannot be accepted by anyone.”

The head of Israeli diplomacy said that intends to contact his counterparts from “leading countries around the world” to persuade them to express their opposition and lack of will to respect arrest warrant for representatives of the Tel Aviv authorities.

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Hamas dissatisfied with the ICC decision. “An attempt to equate the victim with the executioner”

She also expressed her clear disapproval Palestinian sidewhich “strongly condemns the actions taken by the ICC prosecutor attempts to equate the victim with the executioner.

“Hamas demands the annulment of all arrest warrants issued against the leaders of the Palestinian resistance movement for violating the conventions and resolutions UN“, the organization announced in its official statement.

In turn, Hamas spokesman Sami Abu Zuhri said that it was the decision of the International Criminal Court “only encourages Israel to continue the war of extermination in Gaza”. Wasel Abu Youssef z Liberation Organization Palestine he added that his nation has the right to defend itself, and the ICC should take up only the Israeli side.

The West criticizes the ICC's decision. “Appalling and completely unacceptable”

Comments also came from world capitals. It appeared, among others: White House statement. President Joe Biden did not hide his outrage over the request arrest warrant for Netanyahu. In his opinion, there can be no equality between Israel and Hamas.

“We will always stand by Israel in the face of threats to its security,” reads the US president's statement.

Spokesman Rishiego Sunakapremiere Great Britain – he assessed that “the prosecutor's action is not an aid in the context of stopping the fighting, releasing hostages or providing humanitarian aid.

“We fully respect the independence of the ICC, however, the fact that the leaders of the Hamas terrorist organization, whose declared goal is the annihilation of the state of Israel, they are listed among the democratically elected representatives of this very state, “is not understandable” – he assessed in turn chancellor Austria Karl Nehammer.

He made a similar statement premier Czech Peter Fiala. The head of government of our southern neighbors noted that there is an arrest warrant for Netanyahu and Galant “appalling and completely unacceptable”because “we must not forget that this Hamas attacked Israel in October 2023″, which was the direct cause of the outbreak of the war.

“There's no reasonfor which the court would investigate Israel because it is not a party to the Rome Statuteand Israel has a fully functioning justice system,” said the Republican Senator Jim Risch from the U.S. Senate Committee on Foreign Relations.

Human rights organizations praise the ICC. “The door to a fair trial has been opened”

Representatives and organizations involved in everyday activities also took a stand protection of human rights. American titled lawyer and prosecutor Reed Brody stated that “Israeli leaders they will eventually face a legal reckoning for your actions.”

– The highest ranking ones Hamas officials will also respond before the justice system (…) – he stressed and added that “the ICC guarantees that in case of approval Netanyahu will become a wanted person in the same category, as Putin and Omar al-Bashir from Sudan”, who has been prosecuted for crimes against humanity in his country since 2009.

“Victims of serious abuses in Israel and Palestine they have faced impunity for decades. This first step of the prosecutor, based on the principles of law, opens to responsible persons for the atrocities committed in recent months door to a fair trial – assessed Human Right Watch.

The organization also emphasized that the member countries of the ICC “should be ready to vigorously protect the independence” of the Courtbecause “hostile pressure is likely to increase as judges consider prosecutor Karim Khan's application.”

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