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Israel has decided. Will expand operations in Rafah

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Expansion of ground forces operations in Rafah was upvoted by Israelski safety office. As reported by foreign media Israel does not intend to conduct one large operationand several smaller ones, hoping that Washington will not react negatively to it.

Axios, citing anonymous sources, reports that two informants believe that the White House will not respond to expanded activities. However, the third interviewee stated that for Joe Biden, this may be crossing the line.

Israel will expand operations in Rafah

Before the US president appealed to the Israeli governmentnot to attack the city to which the inhabitants had evacuated Palestine. In an interview with CNN, he lamented that American bombs were used to kill civilians in Gaza. He announced that there would be no further deliveries.

Reuters reported that on Friday Israeli tanks advanced on the main Rafah road, dividing the city into eastern and western parts; the progress of the tanks is quite significant, but it appears that they still remain in the zone previously affected by the refugee evacuation.

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The Israeli army announced that 150,000 people were evacuated from the eastern part of Rafah. people. However, more than a million Palestinians remain in the city, having fled to the south of the Gaza Strip from the war in the north of the territory.

Israel attacked Rafah. A million Palestinians are hiding there

Israel previously declared it would not attack Rafah. Also negotiated with Hamasem a full ceasefire.

Hamas agreed to suspend the conflict. The terms of the settlement included the withdrawal of Israeli forces from the Gaza Strip, the return of Palestinians displaced by the war, and an exchange of hostages on both sides.

Israel finally did not agree to the agreement. Despite widespread opposition from around the world, troops entered the eastern sector of Rafah on Tuesday. Officially, the city was attacked to get rid of Hamas fighters.

In the city More than a million Palestinians have taken refuge. Before the attack, 150,000 people managed to evacuate from there. people.

The international community appeals to Israel stopping further action. Not only were civilians from all over Gaza hiding in Rafah, but food was also transported there. UN alarmsthat blocking the flow of people and goods through Rafah will worsen the already catastrophic humanitarian situation in the Gaza Strip.

As a result of Israel's actions, at least 34,904 people, mostly women and children, died in Gaza.

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