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Israel has published camera footage of a terrorist who took part in the October 7 pogrom and was killed

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CNN obtained records from cameras worn by Hamas terrorists on October 7, the day that changed the Middle East forever. They show the crossing of the border, preparations for the attack and the attacks themselves. The recordings were made by a man who identifies himself as a 24-year-old and a father. You can also see his last moments when he took part in the attack on the Israeli military base.

In the recording from the camera worn by one of the Hamas terrorists, we can see what the moment looked like when the militants were preparing for the attack. In the recording, they can be heard shouting “Allahu Akbar” as they drive through a gap in the border fence. After less than two minutes, they got through the second fence and drove towards the kibbutz.

Thanks to the materials provided by the Israeli services, for the first time we can see recordings from the tunnels made before the attack. We see a whole network of canals where supplies are stored in the dark, and on the wall there is a sign that reads, “What is hidden is much worse.”

Israeli troops left the Al-Shifa hospital complex. Bulldozers destroyed part of the buildingAt the same time, Israel announces that there will be no “longer pauses” in the fighting until Hamas releases all the hostages.PAP

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Attack on Israel

The video shows terrorists firing rifles and gathering. One of them has bullets for a hand grenade launcher in his backpack. A moment later, the group moves through the open area towards the village of Kissufim.

The shooter with the camera starts running when he notices the body of an Israeli soldier lying on the ground. Others join him in loud celebration. A moment later we see the man turning the lens on himself. He introduces himself and says he is 24 and a father. He says he killed two Israeli soldiers. He asks God for victory and the desired martyrdom.

His group then travels on empty Israeli roads on motorcycles. The man in the video cheers at the sight of bodies lying on the road. The first wave of the attack passed right in front of them.

We have seen the road through which terrorists pass before. CNN obtained the recording from the car’s video recorder. Immediately after the attack began, the driver of the vehicle was shot at by attackers standing on the roadside. The video shows the car still rolling, although the driver is probably dead at this point.

Just after 7:40 a.m., after replenishing ammunition, a group of terrorists began to move towards the military base near Kibbutz Re’im.

Only 65 minutes after breaking the border fence, the terrorists took over the border regions. The recording shows the attacker running with a gun he took from an Israeli soldier and opening fire. The soldiers respond to the shots and kill him.

Main photo source: CNN

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