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Israel. Hostage exchange with Hamas. IDF ready to welcome the first people – recording

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The Israel Defense Forces published a video showing the military preparing to accept the first Hamas hostages. The released people will be provided with medical and psychological assistance. There are toys waiting for children. Personal hygiene packages will also be provided. “Staff will introduce themselves with a smile and maintain eye contact,” said an Israeli official.

It started at 7 local time on Friday (6 in Poland). four-day truce in the war between Israel and Hamas. It may be extended by another day if Hamas fighters release an additional 10 hostages, the Times of Israel reported.

The first group of 13 hostages is to be released around 4 p.m. local time (3 p.m. in Poland).

The Israeli Air Force released photos of dolls, colorful blankets and personal hygiene kits. The items are waiting for the freed women and children.

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Preparations to accept hostagesIDF

The Israel Defense Forces released photos of the preparations IDF

Ceasefire pending hostage exchange

Hamas still holds approximately 240 hostages in the Gaza Strip. Some of them are to be released and transported to… Egypt. In return, Israel will release 39 Palestinians from its prisons.

The hostage exchange is part of a temporary ceasefire that took place in the Gaza Strip on Friday. This is the first break in fighting in 48 days of conflict between Israel and Hamas. – Today there is the first light at the end of the tunnel – said a lieutenant colonel of the Israeli Air Force during the briefing. – We are all in this together – he added.

The military statement appealed to the public to respect the hostages’ privacy. Once they land in Israel, they will receive initial medical care and be sent to several hospitals to meet their families.

Israeli Air ForceIDF

Helicopters will pick up hostages from Egypt

An Israeli official said military transport helicopters would take part in the repatriation, suggesting they would pick up the hostages at an Egyptian airport – possibly in El Arish, near Gaza. This has not been formally confirmed by Cairo. The helicopter crew was to consist of a commando unit, doctors and liaison officers trained in communication and counseling.

“Staff will introduce themselves with a visible face and smile and maintain eye contact and distance to enable caregivers and support teams to do their job in the best way possible,” the Israeli official said.

Among other stress-reduction measures, passengers will be issued noise-cancelling headphones “to make the flight easier and provide them with peace and quiet,” the official said.

The Israeli army is preparing to accept hostagesIDF

Psychological help for former hostages

Health officials also said the hostages would receive psychological and specialized care for anyone who may have been a victim of sexual assault.

Released adults can expect to be questioned by Israeli security officials for information about their detention. According to local media, children who were held hostage are to be released from interrogation.

Main photo source: IDF

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