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Israel. Hostage rescue operation. Crucial support from an ally

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Two Israeli intelligence officials stated that American specialists stationed in Israel from the hostage release operation, they provided Tel Aviv with some data on Israeli Hamas prisoners. As a result of Saturday's action Four people were released – a woman and three men – whom terrorists kidnapped from a concert organized near the Gaza Strip during the attack on Israel.

Pentagon and CIA provide information to Israel collected from drone flights over Gaza, intercepted communications and other sources about the potential location of hostages. “Although Israel has its own intelligence, the United States and the United Kingdom have been able to provide air and cyber intelligence that Israel is unable to collect on its own,” an Israeli official told the NYT.

The “NYT” interlocutor admitted that neither the American nor British teams were involved in the planning or execution of the operation military forces to rescue hostages. “U.S. and Israeli officials, however, said that external intelligence did provide added value,” the American daily noted.

Hostage rescue operation. Joe Biden has spoken

US President Joe Biden, commenting on Saturday's action, emphasized that “he won't stop working until all the hostages are home and a ceasefire will not be achieved, which is essential.”

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– The United States supports all efforts aimed at freeing hostages still held by Hamas, including American citizens, said Jake Sullivan, US national security adviser, on Saturday. “This includes ongoing negotiations and other measures,” he added.

Sullivan reported that ceasefire proposal currently being discussed by negotiators from Hamas, Israel, Egypt, Qatar and the United Statesh will be the way to bring the remaining hostages home.

“The release of the prisoners and the ceasefire agreement that is currently under discussion will ensure the release of all the remaining people,” he assured.

Hostage release operation. “We struck from land, air and sea”

A spokesman for the Israeli Defense Forces reported that the army carried out a “bravura action”which was carried out under fire.

– As part of the hostage release operation, we hit targets that were a potential threat to our units. We struck from land, air and sea – Hagari said.

In action A 36-year-old officer of the elite unit was seriously injured I have. The military man died in the hospital after a few hours. The Times of Israel website reports that the soldier will be buried at the Mount Herzl military cemetery in Jerusalem.

The Israeli Defense Forces published it online exclusive helicopter video, who took part in the operation. The recording shows one of the freed hostages boarding the helicopter, accompanied by soldiers.

Israel. One of the hostages is Polish

“One of the hostages heroically rescued today from the Gaza Strip by Israeli defense forces is…t Almog Meir Jan, citizen of Israel and Poland” – said the Israeli ambassador to Poland, Yakov Liwne.

A Polish citizen is one of four rescued people.

Al-Qassam Brigades, the armed wing of Hamas, published a recording on social media informing about the death of hostages during the Israeli action. A US citizen is said to be among the victims.

“Rymanowski's Breakfast”. Dyner: We must remember that a NATO soldier died/Polsat News/Polsat News

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