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Israel – Iran – attack. What we know – the most important information

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On the night from Saturday to Sunday, Iran fired approximately 300 drones and missiles towards Israel, 99 percent of which were intercepted. Iran's armed forces described the attack as retaliation for the bombing of the Iranian consulate in Damascus, which killed several Iranian officers. What do we know about Iran's attack on Israel?

> On the night from Saturday to Sunday, Iran fired towards Israel approximately 300 drones and missiles. Iran's armed forces described the attack as retaliation for the bombing of the Iranian consulate in Damascus, which killed several Iranian officers. Iran blamed Israel for this.

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> On Sunday, the Israeli military said 99 percent of the bullets were intercepted by anti-aircraft defenses.

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The sky over the Israeli city of Ashkelon during the Iranian attack Amir Cohen / Reuters / Forum

> On the night from Saturday to Sunday, Israeli army spokesman Daniel Hagari announced that as a result of the Iranian attack in Israel she was injured seven-year-old girl. The military base was also slightly damaged.

> On Sunday morning, he posted a laconic post on social media Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. “We intercepted, we repelled, we will win together,” he wrote. He previously announced that Israel is ready for a direct attack by Iran and will respond in kind. – If someone hurts us, we will hurt him – he said in his message.

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> Permanent Representation of Iran to the UN stated on the X website that the attack on Israel was a response to the Israeli shelling of the diplomatic mission in Damascus and “the matter can be considered closed.” “However, if the Israeli regime makes another mistake, Iran's response will be much more severe. This is a conflict between Iran and the vile Israeli regime that the US MUST STAY AWAY from!” – added the Iranian mission.

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> After the attack on Israel thousands of people took to the streets of Iran's largest cities. In Palestine Square in Tehran, slogans “death to Israel” and “death to America” ​​were chanted. The demonstrators carried flags of Iran and Lebanese Hezbollah, supported by this country.

Tehran. Iranians celebrate the attack on IsraelEPA/ABEDIN TAHERKENAREH

> US President Joe Biden After a conversation with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, he said that the United States helped Israel shoot down almost all drones and missiles, and Israel sent a clear signal to its enemies that they were unable to threaten its security. The American leader announced a joint G7 diplomatic response to the Iranian attack.

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> Pentagon Chief Lloyd Austin reported that the US had shot down “dozens” of drones and missiles fired from Iran, Iraq, Syria and Yemen. He also called on Iran to “immediately stop” any further attacks – including through Iran-backed militias – and de-escalate tensions.

Joe Biden with advisersAdam Schultz/The White House

> He spoke after the attack on Israel Prime Minister Donald Tusk. “The situation in the Middle East does not pose a direct threat to Poland at the moment. But the world is on the brink,” he wrote on social media. He added, “therefore, the Polish state must be strong, a solidary society, a well-prepared army and a stable international position.” Office of National Security stressed that “the attack was an open and condemnable act of violence.”

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> Due to Iran's attack on Israel this country's airspace was closed for seven hours. It reopened on Sunday morning. According to Israeli media, Ben Gurion International Airport in Tel Aviv is now operating normally, but Ramon Airport in southern Israel will remain closed.

Main photo source: Amir Cohen / Reuters / Forum

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