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Israel. Media: Lebanese Hezbollah has a military base on Israeli territory

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The Iranian-backed radical Lebanese organization Hezbollah has set up a military base in Israeli territory and refuses to leave. “The matter is serious and is being dealt with by the relevant authorities,” the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) said.

On Wednesday, the Israeli public broadcaster Kan reported that a Hezbollah cell crossed the Israeli-Lebanese border and established a “two-tent military position” in the Golan Heights. The position was filled by armed members of the organization.

Hezbollah itself has not responded to the incident, but has reported via its affiliated Beirut daily Al-Akhbar that it sees the land as belonging to Lebanon and that Israel is occupying it. Therefore, he claims that the Lebanese state has the right to be there, either officially or through its citizens.

Israel fears a growing threat from HezbollahALAA BADARNEH/PAP/EPA

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According to the Kan report, Israel’s prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu met with representatives of the services, and the participants of the meeting were able to confirm that the incident took place “in recent weeks” and happened in the presence of soldiers of the Defense Forces Israel (IDF). “The matter is serious and is being dealt with by the relevant authorities,” the IDF said.

The growing threat from Hezbollah

Over the past few months, the Israeli side has repeatedly raised the alarm about the situation on the northern border, warning that the Iran Shi’ite Hezbollah is preparing for war – reminds the i24 portal.

Hezbollah chief Hassan Nasrallah, quoted by the portal, said: “We are gradually talking about a great war. This war will involve hundreds of thousands of high-quality resistance fighters.”

Hezbollah is both an armed terrorist organization and a Shia political party in Lebanon, where its extensive security apparatus and welfare network have given it a reputation as a “state within a state.” The Iranian-backed group questions the existence of the state of Israel and opposes Western influence in the Middle East.

Main photo source: ALAA BADARNEH/PAP/EPA

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