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Israel. Mossad and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs are talking about the displacement of Palestinians from the Gaza Strip with Rwanda and Chad

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The Mossad and the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs are in talks with Rwanda and Chad about accepting Palestinians from the Gaza Strip, the Zman Israel website reported. According to an anonymous official interviewed by journalists, any Palestinian who would like to leave the zone would be granted a “generous allowance” and the receiving country could count on, among other things, Israeli military assistance.

Officials from the Mossad and the Israeli Foreign Ministry are in talks with Rwanda and Chad regarding the admission of Palestinians from the Gaza Strip in exchange for financial and military assistance, the Zman Israel website reported. According to an anonymous official, both countries have agreed to continue talks for now.

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– The case is very complex. We need to promote this channel, but we need to be especially careful because of the reactions around the world, because we are afraid that it will be interpreted as a transfer and not a voluntary migration. That’s why we work closely with lawyers, said one of the senior officials interviewed by Zman Israel.

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Media: Israel wants to get rid of Palestinians from the Gaza Strip

According to the website’s sources, the entire process would consist in granting a “generous financial benefit” to any Palestinian who expresses a desire to leave the Gaza Strip along with “extensive assistance to the receiving country, including military assistance.”

On Wednesday, the same portal reported that similar talks were held with the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), which, however, was not willing to accept this offer.

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According to Zman Israel, the removal of Palestinians from the Gaza Strip is “slowly becoming the leading and official policy of the coalition,” but the Israeli government denies ethnic cleansing is being carried out in the Gaza Strip. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu calls such plans rather “voluntary migration policy”.

Plans to displace Palestinians? The reaction of the UN and the USA

In Israel, on the right side of the political scene, there are often voices about plans to expel Palestinians from the Gaza Strip, which is supported by the far-right groups of the ministers of finance and national security, Bezalel Smotrich and Itamar Ben Gwir: Religious Zionism and Jewish Power. Moreover, some politicians from the prime minister’s party, Likud, are in favor of such a plan.

“Prime Minister Netanyahu is aware of these moves and is not stopping them,” the authors of the article emphasize.

This has already drawn condemnation from the US State Department, which called such rhetoric “inflammatory and irresponsible.”

International law prohibits “the forced transfer of protected persons within or deportation from occupied territory,” wrote the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights Volker Turk on Thursday on the X website (formerly Twitter).

“85 percent of Gaza residents are already internally displaced. They have the right to return to their homes,” he noted.

In October, an intelligence ministry document detailing a project to forcibly transfer Palestinians from the Gaza Strip to the Sinai Peninsula was leaked to the Israeli news website Kalkalist. According to the document, 2.3 million Palestinians from the Gaza Strip were initially to be housed in tent cities before permanent settlements could be built in the north of the peninsula.

Cairo has repeatedly rejected the idea of ​​temporarily resettling Palestinians in Egypt in connection with Israel’s military operation against Hamas in the Gaza Strip.

Main photo source: EPA/MOHAMMED SABER

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