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Israel-Palestine. Second round of Hamas hostages released, Israel received another list

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– I am happy that I have my family back – said the Israeli, quoted by Reuters. “But I won’t celebrate until the last hostage comes home,” he said. The Palestinian terrorist organization Hamas released another 17 people detained in the Gaza Strip. The third group of hostages is to be released on Sunday.

– I am happy that I have my family back and I have the right to feel joy. I have the right to shed a tear. It’s a human thing. But I don’t celebrate and I won’t celebrate until the last hostage comes home. The people detained by Hamas are not just faces on posters. These are real people, says an Israeli man quoted by Reuters.

On Saturday, Palestinian Hamas released a second group of 17 hostages, including six women and seven children from Israel. The youngest in the group is three-year-old Yahel Shoham, freed along with her mother and brother. However, her father remains a hostage.

Mothers and their daughters freed by Hamas Reuters

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READ: Second hostage exchange between Israel and Hamas. Among those released were Thai citizens

The second group of hostages held by Hamas left the Gaza Strip ABIR SULTAN/PAP/EPA

Released Thais “enjoy good health”

The Israeli army said Hamas also released four citizens on Saturday Thailand. The mother of one of the freed men said she felt “indescribable joy” about it. The woman told Reuters in a telephone interview that her 26-year-old son worked in agriculture in Israel. He was the sole breadwinner of the family and sent money every month to support it.

Thai Prime Minister Srettha Thavisin assured that those released were in good health and were trying to contact their families. “Everyone is safe, has a generally good mental condition and can speak normally,” X wrote on the social networking site.

In exchange for the freed Hamas hostages, 39 Palestinians were released from Israeli prisons.

Thailand. Hamas hostages released THAI MINISTRY OF FOREIGN AFFAIRS

Passed list

Israeli authorities have received a list of hostages held by Hamas who should be released on Sunday, the Times of Israel reported. This is the third group of hostages to leave the Gaza Strip.

The Times of Israel reported, citing a source in the Israeli authorities, that he had provided the list runny nose – a country mediating in the truce negotiations between Hamas and Israel. The families of those on the list have been notified that their loved ones are to be released.

Sunday is the third day of a truce in the fighting in the Gaza Strip, which is intended to enable Hamas to release some of the hostages kidnapped during the attack on Israel on October 7.

In return, Israel releases Palestinians convicted of attacks on Israeli security forces. The exchange includes – on both sides – women, children and teenagers. Reuters reported that 50 Hamas hostages were to be released in exchange for the release of 150 Palestinians held in Israeli prisons.

Hamas attack on Israel PAP/Reuters – Maciej Zieliński

Main photo source: Reuters

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