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Israel: Panic of retaliation. They are evacuating embassies

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The purpose of blocking the GPS signal is to missile and drone interferencewhich Iran could use to attack Israeli territory. On Thursday, the Israel Defense Forces also suspended all leave granted to soldiers serving in combat units. The day before, reservists were called to support air defense units.

According to BBC News, the authorities in Tel Aviv expect that the aggression may occur as early as Friday, when many Muslims celebrate Jerusalem Day. The holiday is an expression of support for Palestine and opposition to Israel and its Zionist policy, which prevents the creation of a sovereign Palestinian state.

Israel fears revenge. Protective measures have been taken

The concerns are not unfounded. Iranian politicians announced a “firm response” to bombing the consulate building in Damascuswhere on Monday 13 people died. The victims included members Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps. Authorities in Tehran claim that Israel is behind the crime, but Tel Aviv does not admit guilt.

The GPS signal is disrupted mainly in the central part of Israel. “BBC News” reports that in major cities such as Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, location-based applications do not work properly. Reports of GPS blocking were confirmed by Israeli Defense Forces spokesman Rear Admiral Daniel Hagari.

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So far, disruptions have only been used in the north of the country, near the border with Lebanon. It has to do with activity Hezbollah – an Iran-backed armed group that is an avowed enemy of Israel. For the past six months, since the war in the Gaza Strip began, there has been an almost daily exchange of fire in the border area.

Also possible abroad? Some embassies were evacuated

Fearing Iranian retaliation, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs also decided to take precautions in Israel's foreign diplomatic missions.

The public broadcaster reported that several embassies and consulates were evacuated. Some diplomats have also been moved to secure locations and asked not to attend any public events in the near future. It was not specified which countries the ministry's action applies to.

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