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Israel. Poodle Tommy on a scooter in the streets of Tel Aviv

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Heli Sukkot from Tel Aviv and her two-year-old poodle arouse interest and sympathy wherever they go. People come up, take pictures with the pet, talk to the owner and ask, “is it a real dog?”. All because Tommy navigates the streets with great skill on his scooter.

Walking on a leash? It’s not for Tommy. This poodle prefers to ride around Tel Aviv on a small three-wheeled scooter, with a funny backpack on his back and a clearly happy face. Wherever he goes, people are delighted and want to take selfies with him. They enthusiastically comment on the dog’s abilities. – Cool. How did you teach him? one of the passers-by asked the owner. – I’ve never seen anything like this in my life. Great! said another.

The Tel Aviv poodle loves to ride a scooterENEX

Birthday scooter

– When Tommy was one year old, I was wondering what to get him for his birthday and I thought I’d give the scooter a try. Turns out he loves it, that’s why he drives so well heli Sukkot, the owner of the dog. They are inseparable. Together they visit cafes, go on trips and go shopping at the mall.

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At the same time, shopping with Tommy, now two years old, is not easy. Also here, everyone is looking after him, every now and then someone comes up. – Is it a real dog? It’s the cutest thing I’ve ever seen in my life! says one of the women.

The Tel Aviv poodle loves to ride a scooterENEX

Main photo source: ENEX

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