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Israel. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu discharged from hospital. He was implanted with a pacemaker

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Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu left the hospital near Tel Aviv, where he underwent a pacemaker implantation procedure on Saturday night. Today, the Israeli parliament is due to vote on a key element of the controversial judicial reform pushed by Netanyahu’s government, which many experts and thousands of people have accused of being unconstitutional for months.

Information about the exit of the Israeli head of government from the hospital was confirmed by his office. Reuters described that the convoy with the prime minister left the Sheba Medical Center, to which Benjamin Netanyahu was admitted Saturday evening.

The 73-year-old politician was already hospitalized on Saturday, July 15, due to dehydration, which he explained by spending too much time in the sun on Lake Tiberias during Israel’s heatwave. “In full sun, no hat, no water… It wasn’t a good idea,” he admitted in a video.

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Netanyahu left the hospital with a heart monitor. A week later, he was readmitted when the device detected a “temporary cardiac arrhythmia”.

Doctors on Sunday reported that the pacemaker implantation procedure was successful and without complications, and Prime Minister Netanyahu is in good condition.

Benjamin Netanyahu pictured on July 9, 2023GIL COHEN-MAGEN / POOL /PAP/EPA

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu discharged from hospitalReuters

It’s hot in the streets, parliament will decide

On Monday, the Knesset is due to begin voting on a key provision in Netanyahu’s coalition government to reform the judiciary that limits the powers of the Supreme Court. The bill voted on Monday seeks to remove the Supreme Court’s right to overrule government decisions it deems “irrational,” i.e. disproportionately focused on the political interest without sufficient consideration of the public interest. The opposition believes that the project proposed by the government is harmful to democracy. Netanyahu and members of his coalition argue that the new law will restore the balance between the authorities, as they believe that the judiciary has too broad powers.

The reform project has been polarizing public opinion for six months, triggering massive, regular demonstrations by its opponents on the streets of Israeli cities. On Saturday, half a million Israelis demonstrated across the country against the reform. On Sunday, 60,000 people gathered in Tel Aviv in support of the government’s proposed changes to the judiciary.

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Israel: Parliament's work on a controversial law has begun

Israel: Parliament’s work on a controversial law has begun Jacek Tacik/Fakty TVN

The AP agency recalled that Netanyahu’s government, which took office in December, is the most nationalist and ultra-Orthodox government in Israel’s 75-year history. Critics of the judicial reform say it will upset the country’s fragile checks and balances and concentrate power in Netanyahu’s hands. As the prime minister is accused of fraud, breach of trust and accepting bribes, the attempt to subject the courts to political scrutiny is, in their view, a manifestation of a conflict of interest.

Main photo source: GIL COHEN-MAGEN / POOL /PAP/EPA

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