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Israel. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu fired convicted minister Arieh Deri

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Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu “with a heavy heart” recalled Interior and Health Minister Arieh Deri. Thus, he complied with the ruling of the Supreme Court, which had earlier ruled that Deri could not perform his function in connection with convictions for embezzlement. The head of government pledged to find “all legal means” to keep Deri in public office in the future, Reuters reported.

Boss Israeli government Benjamin Netanyahu he said he was “forced, with a heavy heart”, to comply with Wednesday’s court ruling.

The Minister of the Interior of Israel cannot perform his function. The Supreme Court found so

The prime minister condemned what he said was the court’s “unfortunate decision” to strip Deri of his ministerial functions, saying it ignored “the will of the people.”

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One of Deri’s advisers, Barak Seri, told Radio Armia on Sunday that the ministries would be retained by other members of the ultra-Orthodox Shas party as it remains in the coalition.

Deri assured that he would continue to lead the Shas party, presiding over meetings of his faction, as well as participating in meetings of the heads of coalition parties.

Reuters writes that the head of government pledged to find “all legal means” to keep Deri in public office in the future.


Accused many times, with sentences on his account

In 2000, Deri was sentenced for taking a bribe to three years in prison, from where he was released after 22 months for good behavior. Last year, he was sentenced to a one-year suspended prison sentence for tax offences. He was repeatedly accused of embezzlement and corruption, but – as the Supreme Court recalled on Wednesday – he decided on a court settlement in which he promised not to hold political office, thanks to which some of the charges against him were dismissed.

Judges on Wednesday judged Deri’s appointment as minister to be “utterly unreasonable” given the number of charges against him.

Shortly after the announcement of the composition of Netanyahu’s government, Attorney General Gali Baharaw-Miara announced that she was against appointing Deri as minister. She sent a note to the Supreme Court in this regard.

The Times of Israel writes that government officials have “veiledly threatened” that if the Supreme Court disqualifies Deri, it will only accelerate the reforms of the judiciary announced by the coalition, which according to political scientists are aimed at weakening the Supreme Court.

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