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Israel. Protests against changes in the judiciary. Residents took to the streets for the 22nd time. In Tel Aviv, 95,000 protesters

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On Saturday, Israelis protested for the 22nd time against the controversial reform of the judiciary. Residents took to the streets in 150 places in the country, the largest manifestation took place in Tel Aviv, where, according to estimates, 95,000 protesters gathered.

Saturday’s rallies were held in Tel Aviv, Ashdod, Jerusalem, Haifa and many other places across the country, the Times of Israel reported. Retired General Yom-Tov Samia, who was present at the protest and spoke at the demonstration in Haifa, said that “the ticking time bomb is not the enemy from outside. It is the splits and divisions in Israeli society.” The military man warned that a clash of two blocs in Israeli society, ultra-Orthodox and Messianic, and on the other hand, democratic, liberal, could lead to a civil war.

Arrested after ‘illegal protest’

Saturday’s protests are being overshadowed by an incident that organizers say points to the government’s growing authoritarian tendencies, the Times of Israel reported. On Friday evening in the coastal city of Caesarea, at least 17 people were arrested and several injured in riots outside the prime minister’s private residence Benjamin Netanyahu and in a subsequent demonstration in front of a police station, Israeli police and protest organizers said.

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Police say hundreds of people took part in an “illegal protest” in front of the property, and some began “violating public order” and refusing police orders to disperse. According to police, some protesters allegedly “attacked police officers with fists and objects”. Among those arrested was Moshe Radman, a leader of the protest movement against the Netanyahu government’s plans to reform the judiciary. “The scenes we witnessed in Caesarea last night are a total travesty of justice orchestrated by a dictatorial regime trying to silence dissent through brutal violence,” protest organizers said.

Residents took to the streets in 150 places in the countryReuters

Limiting the powers of the Supreme Court

Far-right national security minister Itamar Ben Gwir backed police officers who beat protesters and made arrests outside Netanyahu’s house. “Those who attack the police should be treated with zero tolerance,” he said. For Netanyahu’s government, one of the most right-wing in history IsraelThe reform of the judiciary aims to balancing power by limiting the prerogatives of the Supreme Court, in favor of the parliament and the executive. Critics of the reform believe that it threatens to open the door to illiberal or authoritarian changes. Israeli President Yitzhak Herzog has been negotiating with government and opposition representatives for a month to reach a compromise on this reform.

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